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Simplify DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) everywhere

Deliver better networking experiences in all locations

Specialized DDI
to solve today’s
complex networking challenges

Reliable, robust, market-leading DDI for over two decades

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Network landscapes are rapidly evolving, driven by trends in hybrid and multi-cloud transformation, the IoT and distributed workforces. Infoblox is uniquely able to support organizations in this challenging environment because our solutions support DNS, DHCP and IP address management. These are the critical network services collectively known as DDI that make all network interactions possible.

To learn how we are actively supporting customers and helping to improve DNS for security, speed and reliability, visit DNS Flag Day.

Key benefits

Simplify and unify core networking

Simplify and unify core networking

Consolidate DNS, DHCP and IP address management into a single platform, deployed on-site and managed from a common console

Boost productivity for remote locations and workers

Boost productivity for remote locations and workers

Enhance cloud-based application performance for branch offices and remote sites with the industry’s first cloud-managed DDI platform

Gain clearer insight

Gain clearer insight

Access rich, integrated Reporting and Analytics capabilities for capacity planning, asset management, compliance control and auditing

Leverage industry leadership

Leverage industry leadership

Infoblox pioneered the DDI space 20 years ago, industry leadership that shines through our offerings–the most powerful and most effective available

Infoblox DDI

Integrate your network components
Your network is only as resilient as the core network services that make it run—DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI). Infoblox integrates these components so you can reliably connect all devices, applications and digital resources across your business.

Infoblox DNS

Centrally manage and automate core network services
View, manage and control all aspects of DNS operations using reliable, purpose-built platforms for on-premises and SaaS-enabled deployments. Infoblox enables you to deliver DNS services across physical, virtual and cloud environments at scale for simplified DevOps, faster speed to market and higher ROI.

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Infoblox IPAM and DHCP

Stay connected across the hybrid, multi-cloud network
Discover and capture all network assets in one authoritative IPAM database to establish a single source of truth for full visibility. By automating DHCP and IPAM, Infoblox enables you to better manage the proliferation of mixed hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure and mobile devices and sets you up to smoothly transition to IPv6 provisioning.

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Consistent, centralized UI

Consolidate management via a unified UI for DNS, DHCP, IPAM, DNS Traffic Control and DNS Security

Automated device discovery

Find all devices connected to the network. Convert discovered objects into managed objects

DHCP fingerprinting

Identify device properties like operating system and device type using DHCP options

Identity mapping

Match Active Directory users to IP and MAC addresses to quickly analyze resource users, and troubleshoot network- and user-related issues

Customizable templates

Rapidly configure new services and reduce configuration overhead

Flexible metadata tagging

Employ extensible attribute metadata tags to identify key IP resources and to organize and share data more effectively

Custom reporting and alerting

Gain versatile reporting and alerting capabilities for devices, IP addresses and other network assets

Workflow automation

Use customizable workflows to automate a broad range of IT processes you currently perform manually

Dive a little deeper

Empower your network at its core with Infoblox DDI

Industry-leading DDI capabilities for your most demanding requirements

Deliver DDI for
enterprise and service providers

With Infoblox DDI achieve higher levels of service uptime, security and operational efficiencies across diverse infrastructures, including on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployments

Centrally manage your entire network
via Grid

Infoblox DDI uses our patented Infoblox Grid technology to ensure high-availability DNS, DHCP and IPAM services throughout your distributed network

Extend BloxOne®️ DDI
to the SaaS-enabled enterprise

As our world grows more cloud powered, distributed locations must raise DDI to the next level—the cloud

Enable Elastic DDI for all networking environments

Deciding whether to deploy DDI on-premises or from the cloud is not an either-or proposition, thanks to Infoblox

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