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Gain control of your network infrastructure

Smartly manage your multi-vendor network with automation, visibility and continuous insight

Simplify and streamline
network management

Network infrastructures are now more complex than ever–increasingly diverse, siloed and powered by multiple vendors. IT admins often struggle to meet escalating demands for service delivery and reliability in these environments. Infoblox NetMRI can help. It’s a network change and configuration management solution that automates routine workflows such as device provisioning and security operations, enabling tighter compliance, faster incident response and quicker app deployment.

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Key benefits

Increase network responsiveness and uptime

Increase network responsiveness and uptime

Infoblox NetMRI’s automated provisioning and analysis gives you the granular control you need to optimize network performance

Enhance network visibility

Enhance network visibility

Automatic discovery of device configurations provides comprehensive visibility into all aspects of your network

Reduce risk of security breaches

Reduce risk of security breaches

NetMRI makes it possible to continuously enforce policy requirements, helping to minimize compliance penalties and brand damage that can result from breach incidents

Efficiently discover and analyze network configurations

Automatically discover all devices on your network, where they reside and how they link together. Proactively monitor and analyze network configurations to identify configuration problems early.

  • Apply deep analysis and insights to optimize your network, avoid outages and identify rogue devices
  • Easily inventory multiple topology layers
  • Visualize network constructs, such as VLANs, routes and virtual networks
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Automate to save time and lower costs

Rapidly provision new services and implement network modifications in minutes instead of days or weeks with NetMRI’s automated management tools.

  • Remediate and provision automatically and dynamically without waiting for manual action
  • Gain the agility to harness network insights to resolve violations faster
  • Accelerate service provisioning and network maintenance
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Monitor and enforce policies

NetMRI makes it possible to automatically enforce and continually audit network infrastructure configurations so you can simplify enforcement of corporate and regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, DISA and STIGs across multi-vendor equipment.

  • Apply out-of-the-box configuration policies to evaluate your network against industry best practices without having to write scripts
  • Leverage NetMRI Advisor for continuous updates and monitoring for PSIRTs, Advisories and end of sale/support notices impacting your devices
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Network discovery

Automatically and continuously track multi-vendor infrastructure, end hosts, network constructs (routes, VLANs, virtual forwarding and routing, etc.) and topologies with current and historical information.

Configuration management

Automatically detect and audit network changes and receive detailed analysis. Take advantage of configuration back up, powerful search and correlation of network problems with time and location.

Change automation

Manage network-wide change tasks with simple yet robust methods for encoding change logic with minimal scripting.

Policy and compliance enforcement

Automatically and continuously assess network changes in real time against security policies with an easy-to-use rule studio.

Network analysis

Get analysis and alerts on network configuration problems, including ticking time bombs that show no fault or performance symptoms.

Anytime, anywhere mobile access

Manage your network from your mobile device. View network inventory, find device locations and control port and VLAN connections.

Virtual appliance

Get a solution designed for a purpose-built virtual appliance that includes the operating system and a  database, reducing your costs and maintenance requirements.

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Discover how Infoblox NIOS DDI enhances network services, providing global visibility, automation, and control to enhance enterprise-grade network uptime and resiliency.
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IT Compliance

Simplify management of regulatory compliance requirements

IT Compliance

Ensure IT compliance with visibility, intelligence and automated assessment, enforcement and remediation.

Gain Control over Network Change and Configuration Security Policies

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