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Accelerate cable and
broadband cloud transformation

The path to next-generation cable services demands new levels of speed and automation. Is your network ready?

Accelerate and protect

Protects subscribers from growing malware threats, service disruption and slow network response

Streamline deployments and operations

Leverage efficient orchestration and automation across the network and multi-cloud environments

Secure the network and the brand

Proactively protect subscribers and the network they rely on

Capture new revenues

Leverage your most powerful asset–the network, to grow top-line revenues to consumer and enterprise segments

Infoblox enables
cable and broadband
providers to deploy
intelligent networks

Increasingly demanding usage patterns among subscribers—spurred by distance learning, remote work-from-home and personalized services—are forcing cable and broadband providers to make wholesale architectural changes. In effect, they’re having to transform their service provider networks into actual telco clouds.

Infoblox solutions for service providers enable the crucial IP connections between your subscribers and their digital world. Our cloud-first networking technology provides carrier-grade security, reliability, automation and ultra-low-latency—all the capabilities you need to create a better first-connection impression for subscribers and, ultimately, smooth your transition to the next-generation telco cloud.

Key benefits

Secure, high-performance DNS caching drives subscriber loyalty

Service disruptions. Slow user experiences. Malware threats. Such are the unpleasantries that drive subscriber dissatisfaction. Don’t let it happen to you. Secure DNS caching from Infoblox protects subscribers from negative experiences through the use of global threat intelligence and automated protection packages. Infoblox delivers the lowest latency available today to support ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) for next-generation workloads.

Authoritative IP address management for the distributed telco cloud

To keep pace with exponential and dynamic broadband demands, cable and broadband operators need a cohesive telco cloud strategy running consistently from the datacenter to the edge–requiring IP address accuracy and automation. Infoblox ensures IP address integrity and seamless record management that enables more efficiency and operational agility for virtual, cloud-native and edge network functions.

Infrastructure security underpins safe experiences

Constantly evolving threats and increased attack surfaces driven by a distributed, remote workforce demand a foundational approach to security that is ubiquitous, scalable and automated. Infoblox supplies DNS security with a lightweight footprint to deliver automatic monitoring and proactive threat detection.

Automation keeps the telco cloud afloat

Fragmented and monolithic network management approaches are costly and time-consuming. Inadequate solutions can dilute the benefits of automation and orchestration that telco clouds promise to bring. Automation can provide the scalability, repeatability and operational efficiency to support a large amount of distributed remote edge sites. Infoblox integrates DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management, automating core network services between data center and hybrid/public/private clouds.

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Learn how Infoblox solutions maintain critical service availability in rapidly evolving cable and broadband networks

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