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On-Premises + Cloud-Managed Networking

Combine the best of on-premises and cloud-managed core network services


Get a unified view of users and devices across on-premises and cloud environments


Leverage consistency for network services provisioning and configuration in distributed locations

Ensure policy enforcement

Enable common DNS security policy enforcement throughout the enterprise

Anywhere, anytime
visibility, administration
and control
—from the data center
to the edge

Today’s networks and applications are sensitive to latency and even more dependent on reliable infrastructures. Organizations are expanding their focus beyond data centers to the network edge. Success requires simplified end-to-end visibility, management and control across all on-premises and cloud environments.

Infoblox delivers just that. We provide a powerful combination of on-premises and cloud-delivered DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) that no other vendor can match.

Key benefits

Automate network services

Eliminate errors and manual intervention by automating the provisioning of devices and IP addresses. Powered by the NIOS platform, our on-premises DDI integrates with leading cloud automation platforms, including VMware and Ansible.

Centralize visibility for distributed locations

Legacy and “free” DNS solutions must be configured and managed locally. They also don’t integrate with DDI at headquarters, leading to poor visibility and management woes. With BloxOne DDI, you can centralize management, automate provisioning and apply policies uniformly across all remote sites.

Scale at cloud speed

Quickly add new virtual and containerized instances of DDI to any location anywhere. Cloud-managed DDI from Infoblox empowers your global presence with geo-local response and a common, consolidated interface for simplified management.

Boost uptime and business continuity

Enable all branch and remote office locations to maintain access to cloud-based SaaS applications at all times. BloxOne DDI provides local DNS resolution and DHCP services, ensuring network uptime and business continuity in the event that WAN connections to headquarters or data centers are disrupted.

Slash operating costs

Reduce costs by replacing legacy server-based DNS and DHCP solutions with virtualized and containerized DDI appliances deployed on-site and managed from the cloud. Plus, with consumption-based subscription pricing, your DDI deployment is always right-sized for your evolving needs.

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On-premises + SaaS-delivered DDI


Unify DNS, DHCP and IPAM across on-premises and cloud data centers

BloxOne® DDI

Simplify and scale cloud access everywhere with automated, cloud-managed DNS, DHCP and IPAM

Discover how Infoblox can help you simplify distributed networking

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