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Cloud Network Automation:
Simplify core network service management in any cloud

Optimize your
cloud strategy

Multi-cloud discovery, visibility and control

Chances are, your use of private, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures is becoming critical to business agility and efficiency. And yet the complexity of managing essential network services such as DNS can prevent you from realizing the full promise of the cloud. Automation at the network layer is fundamental to your success. Unfortunately, cloud network management can present the following challenges:

  • Network configuration for virtual machines (VMs) is time consuming and can delay deployment.
  • Solutions can’t provide visibility into and auditing capabilities for IP addresses and DNS records for VMs.
  • IT teams lack consistent and centralized IP address and DNS management.
  • Cloud orchestration platforms for native DDI services can be incomplete and unreliable.
  • Lack of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud correlation prevents clear visibility into operations.

Key benefits

With Infoblox Cloud Network Automation, your teams can:

Simplify Core Network Services Management

Simplify Core Network Services Management

Even in the most complex cloud network environments, Infoblox makes it possible to centrally and automatically manage DDI, DNS and IPAM provisioning.

Gain Visibility

Gain Visibility

Infoblox functions as a single control plane for network operations, enabling visibility and discovery into all VMs and network assets so you can focus admin resources on your top priorities.

Improve Auditing and Reporting

Improve Auditing and Reporting

Infoblox enables auditing and reporting across clouds for DNS records, DHCP leases and IP addresses. In addition, templated integrations, APIs and orchestration tools deliver faster time to value for cloud-enabled workloads.

Make clouds more agile

Infoblox dramatically shortens the time needed for provisioning and deprovisioning critical network services in cloud and virtualized environments.

  • Reduce project times from days to minutes or seconds
  • Gain unprecedented visibility into VM IP networking details
  • Adapt to evolving threats
  • Drill down into IP addresses, DHCP lease and DNS histories

Make clouds more reliable

Infoblox can deliver local, redundant (highly available) DDI services for every cloud instance at every location.

  • Enable greater availability
  • Improve local survivability

Make clouds more scalable

Through the Cloud Platform Appliance flexible deployment architecture, critical network services can be deployed in a variety of ways to suit your unique requirements.

  • Deploy cloud platform appliances in scale-up or scale-out fashion
  • Enable expansion vertically (more tenants per cloud) or horizontally (more private clouds at various data center locations)

Reduce staffing costs

In addition to the massive manual labor savings gained through task automation, Infoblox provides one central management GUI for all cloud network automation tasks, regardless of the number, size and geographical location of the clouds. This management GUI—alongside the Cloud Dashboard Widget and new cloud reports—saves significant time and manual labor, reducing overall human resource requirements.


Cloud network automation

  • Centralized, integrated management user interface across cloud and virtualization platforms
  • Detailed visibility of cloud-based resources including VMs, tenants, networks, VPCs and more
  • Tenant views and tenant-based management
  • Cloud-specific reporting and auditing capabilities

Cloud platform deployment

  • Virtual appliance options built for cloud deployments
  • Support for communication with cloud management platforms through templated Infoblox integrations
  • Use in data centers to increase scale and reliability of cloud deployments

Cloud platform integrations

  • IPAM integration with cloud/orchestration platforms (VMware, OpenStack, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes and Docker)
  • Rich APIs to manage NIOS objects with RBAC
  • Integrations supported by Infoblox

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