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Elevate network agility with automated and centralized IPAM and DHCP management

IPAM and
DHCP Management

Increase agility, efficiency and responsiveness

With Infoblox IPAM (IP address management) and DHCP, you can automate and centralize all aspects of IP address provisioning and DHCP server management in conjunction with DNS. Our integrated platform enables you to confidently handle your most challenging IPAM and DHCP requirements in every type of network environment, data center and hybrid cloud environment.

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Key benefits

Boost efficiency of core network operations

Boost efficiency of core network operations

Enable your teams to increase network agility and responsiveness

Lower security risks

Lower security risks

Get clear visibility into network operations to automatically detect and quarantine rogue devices

Simplify asset management

Simplify asset management

Boost reliability of DHCP server management and unlock network insights from shared data

Prevent outages

Prevent outages

Monitor IP address operations to anticipate IP capacity, and use predictive analysis to avoid address exhaustion

Boost IPAM and DHCP management efficiency

Control all aspects of IPAM, DNS and DHCP using a single integrated platform. Eliminate manual processes and patchwork tools, increasing IP address management efficiency and lowering your costs. Use powerful automation capabilities to turn IP devices on or off and reconfigure their connections remotely from a centralized console.

Automatically detect and remediate unmanaged devices

Readily detect unmanaged devices on your network in near real time using a combination of advanced automation and data-driven insight. Plus, you can simplify your audit and compliance efforts with DHCP fingerprinting to profile connected devices and access historical device data, including IP address and MAC address associations.

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Smartly manage IP assets with automation and insight

Automatically discover, provision and monitor all IP assets across your distributed network no matter where it extends. Analyze IP assets in context across your entire infrastructure to help ensure that your network continuously complies with regulatory and corporate policies. With the ability to report, track, trend and predict IP address capacity, you can minimize downtime caused by configuration errors, IP address conflicts and switch-port depletion.

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Automated device discovery

Find all devices connected to the network. Convert discovered objects into managed objects

DHCP fingerprinting

Identify device properties like operating system and device type using DHCP options

Identity mapping

Match Active Directory users to IP and MAC addresses to quickly analyze resource users and troubleshoot network and user-related issues

Customizable templates

Rapidly configure new services and reduce configuration overhead

Flexible metadata tagging

Employ extensible metadata attributes to tag key IP resources to organize and share data more effectively

Custom reporting and alerting

Gain versatile reporting and alerting capabilities for devices, IP addresses and other network assets

Consistent, centralized UI

Consolidate management via a unified UI for DNS, DHCP, IPAM, DNS Traffic Control and DNS Security

Workflow automation

Use customizable workflows to automate a broad range of IT processes you currently perform manually

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Infoblox DDI

IT compliance

Simplify management of regulatory compliance requirements

IT compliance

Ensure IT compliance with visibility, intelligence and automated assessment, enforcement and remediation

Reporting and Analytics

Easily analyze your network and automate compliance

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze, control and secure your network with data-driven insights

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