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Infoblox for Microsoft

Ensure Consistent DNS and IP Address Management
Across Cloud Networks

Single control plane

Gain visibility into your network address space via a single control plane

Discovery and IPAM sync

Engage accurate, automated, vendor- agnostic discovery, visibility, multi-grid IPAM sync and mass conversion of IP addresses to managed assets

Threat detection and remediation

Detect, block and resolve security issues faster with BloxOne®️ Threat Defense integration

Flexible DNS deployment

Increase network management agility with external or internal DNS deployment options

Enable control, visibility and protection for your Azure infrastructure and services

Infoblox for Azure manages core network services, such as DNS, DHCP and IPAM, and DNS security across multiple locations through a single, Azure-native lens. It also integrates into Azure networking, security and endpoint solutions, enabling organizations to gain complete oversight, with greater simplicity, reliability, scalability and security.


How Infoblox Optimizes Azure Workloads

Capabilities in Infoblox BloxOne DDI and NIOS empower you to manage Azure workloads with greater ease and efficiency across on-premises and cloud networking scenarios.

DNS for hybrid cloud

  • Extend enterprise DNS and RPZ services into public clouds
  • Use same consolidated, secure DNS service on-premises and in private clouds

DNS, IPAM and discovery for cloud services

  • Use Infoblox vDiscovery for detecting and obtaining information about tenants, vNETs, subnets and VMs operating in your public cloud environment
  • Configure tasks to run automatically and store network data in IPAM

Local survivability

  • Get business continuity to maintain operations in case of a brownout or broken link to headquarters or the data center

Enterprise workload migration

  • Move to a cloud-managed, distributed location approach to managing workloads
  • Seamlessly consolidate DNS and IPAM services across on-premises and cloud environments

How Infoblox Improves Security for Azure Environments

Tight integration among BloxOne Threat Defense, Azure Sentinel and Azure Active Directory enable an enterprise-wide adaptive defense.

Azure Sentinel

  • Easily receive DNS logs and queries directly in Azure Sentinel using Infoblox Cloud Data Connector
  • Gain insight and visibility of devices and their user activities on DNS-level and IPAM metadata

Azure Active Directory (AAD)

  • Securely send and receive authorization credentials and assign security policies within AAD
  • Authenticate users within AAD to access the DNS system and correlate DNS queries to a specific username within AAD, giving administrators a great mechanism for keeping unauthorized users off the network

IPAM discovery

  • Automatically detect and remediate unmanaged devices
  • Smartly manage IP assets with automation and insight
  • Centralize all aspects of IP address provisioning

Monitor DNS traffic

  • Secure, audit and encrypt DNS traffic leaving the Azure vNet
  • Detect and block malware, ransomware activity, protect against data exfiltration and extend DNS security control to Azure deployments

Key Benefits

Infoblox DDI for Microsoft

  • Increase network control and agility with automated provisioning, de-provisioning
  • Eliminate blind spots and incongruent views with extended and consolidated visibility across multiple cloud and on-premises environments
  • Improve security and reliability by ensuring hybrid and multi-platform networks policies remain consistent and within compliance
  • Empower workload distribution to individual departments while maintaining complete oversight and control as your cloud evolves
  • Gain more secure architecture with purpose-built, hardened virtual appliance and optional DNS Firewall for security and malware detection

Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense

  • Take advantage of a hybrid architecture that ensures that threats seen against roaming users can be automatically blocked for corporate site users and workloads in public clouds
  • Customize your centralized view of the data using workbooks and analytics queries to look for user-defined anomalous activity and setup notifications for any detections
  • Quickly investigate detected threats using contextual data received from BloxOne Threat Defense

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