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Massive scale requires a
cloud focus for mobile service providers

5G and the edge demand new levels of speed and automation. Is your network ready?

Accelerate and protect

Ensure fast network response while shielding subscribers from growing malware threats and service disruption

Streamline deployments and operations

Tackle the problem of overwhelming scale with authoritative and automated IPAM that spans the entire telco cloud

Secure the network and the brand

Proactively protect subscribers and the network they rely on

Generate new revenue sources

Leverage your most powerful asset—the network—to grow top-line revenues within consumer and enterprise segments

intelligent networks
to handle future
5G and edge

More than an update to mobile networks, 5G is an entirely new vision and architecture, incorporating improved bandwidth and requiring wholesale architectural changes that transform service provider networks into actual telecommunication clouds.

Infoblox solutions for service providers enable the crucial IP connections between your subscribers and their digital world. Our cloud-first networking technology provides carrier-grade security, reliability, automation and ultra-low latency—all the capabilities you need to create a better first-connection impression for subscribers and, ultimately, smooth your transition to the 5G future.

Key benefits

Secure, high-performance DNS caching drives loyalty

Service disruptions. Slow user experiences. Malware threats. Such are the unpleasantries that drive subscribers to switch carriers. Secure DNS caching from Infoblox protects subscribers from negative experiences through the use of global threat intelligence and automated protection. Infoblox also supports low-latency communication for 5G and edge-based workloads.

Realize your 5G goals with authoritative IPAM

The overwhelmingly dynamic nature and scale of today’s 5G and edge evolution drives a strong need for accuracy and automation. Infoblox ensures IP address integrity and seamless record management to enable more efficient and cost-effective radio deployments, 5G automation and automated discovery and management.

Infrastructure security underpins safe experiences

Increased attack surfaces driven by a distributed, remote workforce demand a foundational approach to security. The advent of 5G will bring an explosion in IoT devices at both the enterprise and consumer level. Infoblox supplies DNS security to deliver automatic monitoring and proactive threat detection.

Automation keeps 5G running

Legacy DDI management approaches won’t cut it in 5G environments. In fact, outdated core networking is one of the key technology hurdles delaying critical deployments. Infoblox integrates DDI between SDN and public/private cloud networks by automating core network services.

Managed service provider solutions

MSPs can accelerate success by creating complementary and profitable service offerings that enable enterprise customers to quickly reach their digital transformation objectives. Infoblox will get you there with our cloud-first network and security services.

Revenue-generating subscriber services

Safe Internet. Parental controls. IoT. As 5G helps consumer and enterprise services proliferate, securing these devices has never been more important. Infoblox’s DNS-based platform provides a powerful foundation for developing and supplying value-added subscriber services for consumers and enterprises.

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Cable and broadband

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Revenue-generating subscriber services

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Core network services

Core network services

Deliver simplicity, security, reliability and automation to traditional networks, as well as to digital transformations like SD-WAN, multi-cloud and IoT

Cloud network automation

Cloud network automation

Automate core network services within the telco cloud by integrating DDI between SDN and public/private cloud networks

Know your network

Know your network

Gain centralized visibility with data-driven insight so you can easily analyze, control and secure your network no matter how extensive or sophisticated it becomes

Simplify and streamline network management

Simplify and streamline network management

Smartly manage multi-vendor networks with automation, visibility and continuous insight

Learn how Infoblox solutions
maintain critical service availability

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