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Infoblox Grid:
Simplify network management

Elevate reliability, security and efficiency with a unified platform for core network services

One platform for
core network services

Integration, security and scalability to power your business

Infoblox’s patented Grid technology provides a unified platform for core network services. It delivers the high availability, security and management efficiency your business needs to flourish in today’s hybrid, multi-cloud world. Based on sophisticated distributed database technology, the Grid lets you easily link diverse network appliances into a single, integrated system that’s secure, scalable, highly responsive and simple to manage.

Key benefits

Eliminate single points of failure

Eliminate single points of failure

Obtain “Five 9s” reliability and continuous uptime

Replicate diverse data and services globally

Replicate diverse data and services globally

Ensure that your devices and applications have instant network connectivity 24×7

Harden security

Harden security

Minimize attack surfaces and implement secure SSL connections through an architecture that protects against DDoS attacks

Increase operational efficiencies

Increase operational efficiencies

Automate routine network operations to reduce management costs, while enhancing application responsiveness

Deploy quickly and flexibly

Deploy quickly and flexibly

Expand operations and roll out new services using commodity form factor equipment that accommodates physical, virtual or cloud environments

Realize continuous uptime

A distributed architecture ensures availability when a key site goes down or connectivity is lost. It also eliminates manual synchronization that could result in errors or service disruption.

  • Eliminate single points of failure
  • Maintain business continuity for key systems
  • Do away with manual synchronization that can introduce errors or service disruption

Enhance your defense with built-in security

The Grid comes with security built into its architecture with encryption in all communications among network devices, applications and services. This design:

  • Protects against DDoS attacks and minimizes attack surfaces to prevent exposure of vulnerabilities
  • Ensures data privacy and authenticity using certificate-based authentication and SSL
  • Secures all data, including DNS zone data, during replication
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Elevate management performance and efficiency

Centralize maintenance of extensive, geographically distributed devices. Simplify network management by automating tasks such as code updates and delegating permissions to different users.

  • Improve response times by enabling applications and devices to connect directly to core network services
  • Track the health of various systems
  • Ensure security, compliance and auditability with extensive monitoring and historical reporting capabilities

Integrate with ease

The Infoblox Grid can be deployed as a physical, virtual or cloud-based network appliance. You can:

  • Implement on-premises, or as a virtual appliance, using a range of hypervisors, including KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix Acropolis KVM and VMware ESX
  • Deploy in the public cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an Amazon Machine Image
  • Easily integrate with other systems to simplify and automate diverse IT processes through its assortment of RESTful APIs

Enable always on network services

Increase service uptime with the Grid, which automatically distributes and consolidates critical information and services in real time with assured data integrity, including:

  • Protocols (e.g., DNS, DHCP, FTP and NTP)
  • Data (e.g., IPAM, Mac addresses and user credentials)
  • Files (e.g., firmware images, configuration files and policies)

Enjoy flexible licensing

Flexible licensing and pricing mean you can purchase a license with our standard support options or an annual subscription that includes support and upgrades. Infoblox’s flexible licensing gives you:

  • Simple migration paths to virtual and cloud architectures
  • Budget flexibility to easily align your procurement needs with your business imperatives
  • Options to upgrade appliances—physical or virtual—in their own virtualized environment (like VMware and OpenStack) or in the public cloud (like AWS and Azure)


Real-time data

Infoblox Grid seamlessly integrates NIOS appliances and applications, automatically consolidates and distributes data and services across diverse infrastructures and eliminates errors for optimum core network performance, security and efficiency

Built-in security

With security built into its architecture, Infoblox Grid delivers encrypted communication between platforms and protects against DDoS attacks, minimizes attack surfaces and uses certificate-based authentication and SSL encryption to ensure data privacy and secure network data.

Consistent, centralized visibility

Unified, centralized management on a single control plane keeps DDI data harmonized across sites, physical commercial off the shelf (COTS) appliances, virtual and cloud appliances and connected networks for real-time visibility, automation and control

Flexible deployment options

Infoblox Grid deploys via COTS, physical, virtual or cloud platforms, on-premises, through hypervisors as a virtual appliance or in the public cloud for optimal flexibility

Elastic scalability

Our Grid scales to virtually any need from small remote sites to large global enterprise and service provider environments

Business continuity

By combining Grid Manager and Grid Manager Candidate, the Grid enables high availability and resiliency to ensure business continuity

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Infoblox DDI


Unify DNS, DHCP and IPAM across on-premises and cloud data centers


Enable your digital business with DDI

for Microsoft

Plug the gaps and extend your investment in Microsoft IPAM

IPAM for Microsoft

Manage core network services from one platform


Improve visibility, cloud support and extensibility


Improve visibility, cloud support and extensibility

Infoblox Appliances

Gain flexible options for COTS, physical, virtual and cloud apps

Infoblox Appliances

Gain flexible options for COTS, physical, virtual and cloud apps

Test-drive a full-feature evaluation of enterprise-grade DDI

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