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Service offerings to
grow business together

Accelerate success with complementary managed service offerings

Increase revenue
per customer

Add value by optimizing the delivery of
your existing services

Improve retention

Offer a differentiated “sticky”
service that reduces churn

Reduce investment

Maximize profitability using scalable, operationally efficient networking and security solutions

Complement existing

Build another tier of defense in your managed services offerings

Infoblox capabilities
are core to
every network service
you offer

Many MSPs offer managed network and security, but there is often a gap in management and security capabilities within their portfolio offerings for core network services like DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI). Infoblox helps MSPs fill this gap by ensuring network availability while reducing DNS-based security risks with Managed Secure DDI services. These DDI service offerings fit seamlessly within MSPs’ existing portfolios—with minimal impact on sales and operational processes.

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Key benefits

Increase revenue with complementary service offerings

Dramatically reduces additional up-front investments typically required to provide value-added offers by eliminating costly, stand-alone tools. The flexible deployment options not only fit seamlessly with existing offers today but also allow for growth as customer needs change over time.

Create additional value

Implement a scalable, flexible platform instead of cobbling together legacy technologies. Leverage the cloud-first Infoblox platform that supports more than 7,000 enterprises and 200 service providers today.

Gain a foundational level of security

DNS is a critical part of the attacker kill chain and provides the earliest opportunity for detecting and blocking this malicious activity early in the attack cycle. It can detect and block exploits, phishing, ransomware and other modern malware sooner, reducing SecOps time to remediation.

Build a security product integration practice

Infoblox acts as the central point of real-time integration of IP address management data, third-party security tools, and customer SIEM and SOAR infrastructure platforms. This allows MSPs to build a new practice around integrations that allows customers to optimize their existing security tool investments.

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subscriber services

Monetize core network assets while generating new revenue streams through intelligent, value-added services.

Reporting and Analytics
– know your network

Gain centralized visibility with data-driven insight so you can easily analyze, control and secure your network no matter how extensive or sophisticated it becomes.

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Network Automation
and Compliance

Simplify and streamline network management

Simplify and streamline network management

Smartly manage multi-vendor networks with automation, visibility and continuous insight.

BloxOne Threat Defense

Threat Defense

Quickly deploy on-premises, cloud or hybrid DNS-layer security everywhere

Strengthen security with BloxOne® Threat Defense

Protect the network, subscribers and the brand with powerful DNS security with a lightweight footprint – delivering automatic monitoring and proactive threat detection.

Cloud Network

Centrally manage core network services and security

Optimize your cloud strategy through network automation

Automate core network services within the telco cloud by integrating DDI between SDN and public/private cloud networks.

Unified Network

Enhance discover, security and efficiency with Network Insight

Enhance security and efficiency with a unified network view

Infoblox Network Insight ensures that you can see every network asset through a unified interface—every device, IP address, and switch port.

Learn how Infoblox can help
generate new revenue with less risk.

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