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value-added subscriber services

Monetize core network assets and unlock higher ARPU through value-added security offerings

Protect subscribers

Leverage powerful threat intelligence and security capabilities to protect consumers and enterprises

Boost revenue

Deploy value-added services that open fresh sources of revenue

Add value to the brand

Meet subscriber demand for intelligent, branded security services such as ad blocking and parental controls while minimizing upfront investment

Maintain excellent performance

Provide comprehensive services without complex software downloads or adverse impacts to network speed and performance

The most scalable,
approach for
value-added services

We’ve got what service providers need to differentiate themselves in the marketplace

Infoblox provides a complete network-based platform for value-added subscriber services spanning fixed and mobile access. Our solution delivers solid, predictable ROI with flexible cloud and virtualized technologies. It’s a proven way to grow topline revenue, increase ARPU and shrink churn. Even better, Infoblox’s pay-as-you-grow model lets you minimize upfront investment and scale your solution as your subscriber base grows.

Key benefits

Leverages existing infrastructure

Dramatically reduces additional up-front investments typically necessary to provide value-added offerings by eliminating costly, stand-alone tools

Offers predictable ROI

Benefit from a unique pay-as-you-grow licensing model–pay only for the number of subscribers using the service

Supplies higher scalability

Offers better scalability than traditional approaches since only traffic from paid subscribers is analyzed

Minimizes performance impact

Operates at the network layer, providing scalable web and content filtering without adding latency while reducing overall threat defense costs

Improves intelligence

Combines advanced analytics based on machine learning, automation and highly accurate and aggregated threat intelligence

Provides fixed and mobile convergence

From one platform, offers converged services spanning fixed and mobile subscribers for greater revenue potential

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Infoblox Subscriber Services

With Infoblox, you can more easily and economically boost revenues from value-added security services through our extensive Subscriber Services and industry-leading security capabilities.
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