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Learn How We Can Help You Keep Teleworkers Protected During the COVID-19 Crisis



“University Hospital of Magdeburg is among the largest healthcare institutions in Germany. Our top priority is to keeping the institution’s large network applications and services up and running at all times in order to protect our patients, medical devices and data. We ultimately chose Infoblox because the solution’s web-based management functionality and specialized hardware are high-performing and highly available. Now, our team can automatically secure and manage the entire network through one centralized platform.”

Dr. Martin Kunert, Head of Network and Communication, University Hospital of Magdeburg

We Now Live in a Hyperconnected World

In the new hyperconnected world, opportunities are coming at us faster than before—intelligent apps, IoT, machine learning, blockchain and more. Traditional networking excels in the tightly connected world, but was not designed for today where rapidly evolving cloud infrastructure, apps and connected devices are creating both opportunity and risk. The hyperconnected world demands a new level of networking—designed from the ground up to be agile, while remaining rock solid and secure, with visibility across the entire ecosystem.

To keep up, perhaps you’ve expanded to cloud, added more hardware, or more third-party service providers. This has created enormous complexity which has become absurdly difficult to manage. Infrastructure is all over the place and customers are getting their services through multiple environments. All of this introduces risks like breaches, data loss and downtime.

Next-Level Networking is key to maintaining a secure, rock solid network throughout this rapid growth and change.

Its Key Attributes Are:

  • Always on: Resilient, on demand, performant
  • Data Driven: Shared intelligence & visibility across your entire ecosystem
  • Secure: Protects against cyberattacks & rogue devices
  • Hyperscale: Onboard apps, services, devices, users, branches in minutes
  • Anywhere: Deployment model of choice, available anywhere

Go Next Level

Infoblox delivers Secure Cloud-Managed Network Services, bringing next-level security, reliability and automation to cloud and hybrid systems, managed through a single pane of glass. We’re the market leader with 8,000 customers and 350 of the Fortune 500, running the world’s most sophisticated networks.

Bringing 8000 Customers to the Next Level

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