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The BloxOne® Platform

A cloud-native engine for network transformation

Now you can move at
cloud speed

The Infoblox BloxOne Platform is the world’s first 100% cloud-native core networking and security services architecture. We’ve applied the latest advances in software-defined networking, microservices, virtualization and containerization through Docker and Kubernetes to radically simplify the control and automation of vital DNS, DHCP, IPAM and security services
via the cloud.




BloxOne DDI


BloxOne Threat Defense


BloxOne Platform





BloxOne changes the game

Finally, networking and security as a service

The days of data center bottlenecks, siloed services, manual management and hard-to-scale hardware are over. BloxOne delivers flexible, SaaS-based solutions that are all centrally managed in the cloud.

Move faster with intelligent automation

Built for today’s edge-centric, work-from-anywhere reality, BloxOne’s architecture uses the latest innovations in SDN, microservices and containerization. Which lets you simplify the management of complex networks.

Deliver modern network experiences

Our agile BloxOne Platform lets you deploy new apps and services easily, automate network management, scale elastically, secure devices anywhere and give users a reliable, worry-free network experience.

Key BloxOne advantages

Cloud managed

We’ve moved the management plane to the cloud, which simplifies and centralizes control of complex, distributed networks

Streamlined operations

Automation enables DevOps, NetOps and SecOps to deploy, provision and secure devices and applications faster without human intervention or manual approval

Extensive integrations

Rich APIs and out-of-the-box integrations speed the delivery of new applications and better user experiences

High availability

Built-in resiliency with direct Internet access means cloud applications are always up and running no matter where users connect to them

Visibility and context

Total visibility with user context across hybrid environments improves provisioning, control and security for every device

Supports edge services

Cloud-native with SaaS-based services, BloxOne supports frameworks such as Gartner SASE and Forrester
Zero Trust Edge

Check out these BloxOne products

BloxOne DDI

Simplify and scale cloud access everywhere with automated, cloud-managed

BloxOne Threat Defense

Quickly deploy on-premises, cloud or hybrid DNS-layer security everywhere

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