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Customer Abercrombie & Fitch

Customer Abu Dhabi City Municipality

Abu Dhabi City Municipality Enhances Cybersecurity Posture With Infoblox.

Customer Adobe

Adobe Systems gets fewer headaches and sleepless nights after deploying Infoblox’s DDI management system solutions.

Customer Aflac

Aflac Enhances Cyber Threat Intelligence and Integrates Security Ecosystem with Infoblox.

Customer Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada uses Infoblox’s DDI solutions to improve its network visibility, availability and scalability.

Customer A. H. Belo Corporation

A. H. Belo replaces an unreliable BIND and Linux DNS system and replaces it with Infoblox DNS security and NetMRI solutions.

Customer Airbus

Customer Allied Irish Banks

Allied Irish Banks saves time and money and eases operations with Infoblox Grid technology and DDI solution.

Customer Amgen

Customer Aoyama Gakuin Christian Academy

Aoyama Gakuin Christian Academy uses Infoblox Grid technology and appliances to cut costs and centrally manage its DNS and DHCP.

Customer Apple

Customer A.T. Still University

A.T. Still University has an exceptional experience managing Infoblox’s Grid and DDI solution.

Customer Audi

Customer BAE

Customer Baptist Healthcare System

Baptist Healthcare System replaces its aging Nortel NetID product and improves its security posture with Infoblox’s appliance-based DDI solution.

Customer Baptist Memorial Health Care

Baptist Memorial Health Care Partners With Infoblox to Optimize Network Performance and Security.

Customer Barclays

Customer BBVA

Customer Bestel

Customer Best Buy

Customer Boise Cascade

Boise Cascade Accelerates Digital Transformation, Migrates to the Cloud with Infoblox.

Customer Brocade

Customer Cable & Wireless Panama

Cable & Wireless Panama uses Infoblox ADP, DNS Firewall and Trinzic Reporting solutions to protect against DNS-based cyberattacks.

Customer Carnegie Mellon University

Customer The Catholic Education Network (CEnet)

The Catholic Education Network (CEnet) uses Infoblox DDI, the market-leading integrated solution for DNS, DHCP, and IP address management.

Customer Chevron

Customer Chevron

Customer City University of Seattle

City University Seattle protects its data everywhere with Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud SaaS security solution.

Customer Clark County School District

Clark County School District replaces an aging BIND solution and protects against cyberattacks using Infoblox DDI and DNS security solutions.

Customer Coach

Customer Commonwealth Bank

Customer Colruyt

Colruyt Group retail conglomerate uses Infoblox DNS security and NetMRI solutions to automate processes and gain visibility into its network.

Customer Council Rock

Council Rock School District improves its security posture and automates its network infrastructure with Infoblox DDI, NetMRI and DNS Firewall solutions.

Cumby Telephone Coop

Cumby Telephone Cooperative manages, builds and maintains its entirenetwork on Infoblox’s DDI solution for enhanced reliability and efficiency.

Customer Danone

Danone improves its security posture and delivers nonstop DNS service availability with Infoblox’s DNS solution.

Customer The U.S. Department of Defense

The U.S. Department of Defense IT team meets its unique challenges with Infoblox Infoblox DDI solution.

Customer Deloitte

Customer Detailresult Groep

Detailresult Groep N.V. Drives Innovation and Uses Cloud Security with Infoblox.

Customer Dow Jones

Customer Eagleview

EagleView increases visibility into network operations, improves security for both remote and internal users with BloxOne Threat Defense Advanced.

Customer eBay

Customer Essentia Health

Customer EvergreenHealth

EvergreenHealth Enhances Network Performance Using Infoblox’s Subscription-Based Grid Technology.

Customer Fondation BNP Paribas

Customer Gaylord Palms

Orlando luxury hotel updates its core networking solution with Grid technology, reporting and analytics from Infoblox.

Customer Geisinger

Geisinger Health uses solutions secures its DNS and replaces VitalQIP with Infoblox Enterprise-Grade DDI.

Customer Gas Natural Fenosa

Customer Gilead

Customer GM

Customer GlaxoSmithKline

GlaxoSmithKline uses Infoblox DDI, the market-leading integrated solution for DNS, DHCP, and IP address management.

Customer Hartmann

HARTMANN Trusts Infoblox to Stabilize and Secure Networks across Global Operations.

Customer Health First

Infoblox enables IT staff to maintain consistent configurations across all devices, and quickly identify and solve potential issues with routing, subnets, VoIP, VLANs and other areas.

Customer Hershey Company

The Hershey Company implements a modernized DNS solution, saves money with Infoblox DDI, DTC and DNS Firewall solutions.

Customer Honda

Customer HP

Customer HSBC

Customer Hyundai

Customer IBM

Customer ING

Customer Integris Health

Integris Health uses Infoblox DDI, the market-leading integrated solution for DNS, DHCP, and IP address management.

Customer Interval Leisure Group

Interval Leisure Group proactively protects its network from APTs and malware with Infoblox DDI and cybersecurity solutions.

Customer Jade University

Jade University of Germany meets highest network control requirements thanks to Infoblox.

Customer JJ Taylor

JJ Taylor Enhances Network Performance and Keeps the Beer Flowing with Infoblox.

Customer John Deere

Customer King Fahad Medical City

King Fahad Medical City Depends on Infoblox for SASE and Cybersecurity.

Customer Leon County

Leon County uses Infoblox DNS and DNS security solutions to simpliffy administration and protect its internal and external DNS.

Customer Lewisville Independent School District

Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) Modernizes Network Infrastructure Using Infoblox.

Customer loreal

Customer London Stock Exchange

Customer Keio Corporation

Keio Corporation Protects Japan’s Critical Infrastructure with Infoblox Cloud-Based Cybersecurity.

Customer Kronos

Kronos protects its internal and external DNS and replaces its antiquated BIND system with Infoblox’s DDI solution.

Customer Mc Donalds

Customer McKesson

Customer Media Saturn Management

Media Saturn Management uses Infoblox DNS and DNS security solutions to simplify administration and protect its internal and external DNS.

Customer Morgan County School

Morgan School District Takes a Cloud-Based Approach to Distance Learning.

Customer Morningstar

Morningstar Inc. gets its private cloud up and running with Infoblox’s IPAM solution.

Customer msg group

msg group transitions to BloxOne DDI, ensures robust SaaS app performance to smooth transition to a remote workforce.

Customer Nebraska Methodist Health System

Nebraska Methodist Health System Enhances Network Visibility and Automation Using Infoblox.

Customer NEC Technologies

Customer Nestle

Customer NetApp

Customer Netskope

Netskope automates its network infrastructure and gains centralized network visibility with Infoblox DDI and DNS Firewall solutions.

Customer Newell Rubbermaid

Newell Rubbermaid improves its security posture and replaces its aging CNR infrastructure with Infoblox appliance-based DNS/DHCP solution.

Customer Nicklaus Children’s Health System

Nicklaus Children’s Health System Enhances and Automates Network with Infoblox

Customer Nissan

Customer Northwest Community Hospital

Northwest Community Hospital completes a major network expansion and integration project with Infoblox’s NetMRI automated network management solution.

Customer NorthWestern university

Customer NYSE Euronext

Customer Ooredoo

Ooredoo centralizes, secures and simplifies its network with Infoblox DDI and Reporting solutions.

Customer Paddy Power Betfair

Infoblox enables Paddy Power to handle network traffic spikes caused by the biggest sporting events of the year.

Customer Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast Proactively Protects Against Advanced Malware Using Infoblox.

Customer Rabobank Nederland

Rabobank Modernizes Network Architecture, Enhances Cybersecurity Posture with Infoblox Subscription-Based Solutions.

Customer Raytheon

Customer Red Bull

Customer Reuters

Customer Revlon

Customer Samsung

Customer Santander

Customer Sanyo

Customer Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric uses Infoblox solutions to simplify core networking operations and advance its cloud-based security efforts.

Customer Sony

Customer Sony

Customer University of Southern Denmark

Southern Denmark University Celebrates Ten Years of Solid Network Performance With Infoblox.

Customer SRT Communications

SRT Communications seamlessly transitions system administration responsibilities internally and streamlines DNS service order processes with Infoblox’s DDI and Grid solutions.

Customer Starbucks Coffee

Customer St. Joseph Health System

St. Joseph Health System uses Infoblox DDI, the market-leading integrated solution for DNS, DHCP, and IP address management.

Customer Sussex HIS

Sussex HIS gains visibility into and control over its network and improves its security posture using Infoblox DNS, DHCP and security solutions.

Customer Swedish Television

Swedish Television saves thousands of dollars (equivalent) annually and seamlessly integrates its broadcase equipment with Infoblox’s DDI solution.

Customer Symantec

Symantec replaces its legacy core network services with a modern DDI network infrastructure using Infoblox Grid, DDI, and Network Insight solutions.

Customer Teraoka Seiko Co.

Teraoka Seiko Co., Ltd. uses Infoblox Grid technology to centrally manage its network and proactively protect against DNS-based cyberattacks.

Customer Texas A&M University

Texas A&M simplifies network management and saves resources with Infoblox’s NetMRI solution.

Customer The American University in Cairo

American University in Cairo Takes a Hybrid Approach to Distance Learning Using Infoblox.

Customer TiVo

TiVo uses Infoblox Grid, NetMRI, DNS and DHCP solutions to secure its DNS and automate its IP Address management.

Customer Tohoku Gakuin University

Tohoku Gakuin University better secures its DNS and automates its network with Infoblox DNS, DHCP and Grid solutions.

Customer Toshiba

Customer Toyota

Customer UBS

Customer UIL Holdings Corporation

UIL Holdings Corporation avoids downtime from connectivity disruptions in its data center with Infoblox Core DDI and NetMRI solutions.

Customer United Biscuits

United Biscuits uses Infoblox core DDI solutions to cut annual renewal costs by 30%.

Customer UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley uses Infoblox DDI and Grid solutions to implement a modernized, custom-built DDI network infrastructure.

Customer University of Florida

University of Florida Simplifies and Standardizes Network Management with Infoblox.

Customer UC Berkeley

University of Guadalajara proactively protects against cyberthreats with Infoblox.

Customer University Hospital of Magdeburg

University Hospital of Magdeburg protects its thousands of patients, medical devices and data using Infoblox.

Customer UCSD

UC San Diego uses Infoblox NetMRI, DNS Firewall and DDI solutions to automate operations and get better network visibility.

Customer University Hospitals of Leicester

University Hospitals of Leicester uses Infoblox DNS and DNS security solutions to simpliffy administration and protect its internal and external DNS.

Customer University of North Texas

UNT saves time and resources by automating its entire network and managing services and reporting with Infoblox.

Customer University of Utah Health

University of Utah Hospital Refreshes Infoblox Network Infrastructure to Improve Reliability and Capacity

Customer Verisign

Customer Vitens

Vitens Water Supplier Moves its Cybersecurity to the Cloud With Infoblox.

Customer Vodafone

Customer Volkswagen

Customer Walmart

Customer Wells Dairy

Wells Dairy uses Infoblox core DDI solutions to cut annual renewal costs by 30%.

Customer Western Washington University

Western Washington University Modernizes Network Infrastructure with Infoblox.

Customer Winnipeg School Division

Winnipeg School Division Modernizes its Network Infrastructure With Infoblox.

Customer World Wide Technology

World Wide Technology uses Infoblox DDI, DNS Firewall and a centrally-managed global Infoblox Grid™ to replace its legacy software solution.

Customer Zain Jordan

Zain Jordan Provides a Secure Internet Experience for Subscribers with Infoblox.

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