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Join the Infoblox Technology
Alliance Partner Program

Security, Agility, and Situational Awareness with Infoblox Ecosystem Exchange

The Infoblox Technology Alliance Partner Program is designed to meet customer demand for solutions that seamlessly integrate with each other, exchange data and intelligence, work with existing workflows and make the infrastructure they already have more effective. Through a highly interconnected contextual ecosystem, Infoblox Ecosystem Exchange enables integrated solutions that extend security, increase agility, and achieve situational awareness for more efficient operations, on-premises and in the cloud. It provides visibility across the entire network including virtualized or cloud deployments, automates IT workflows, enables faster remediation of threats and increases value of existing investments in security and networking.

To help customers easily automate and integrate Infoblox software to their products and services, Infoblox’s Developer Portal highlights extensive and customizable APIs available to bring the power of the Infoblox BloxOne® Platform to your offerings.

Infoblox Technology Alliance Partner Program has several vendor integrations across security, network automation and cloud. Membership in the program has helped partners to provide enhanced capabilities for joint customers and expand their customers base and prospects. To become an Infoblox technology partner, register here.

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The Alkira Cloud Networking platform is the fastest way to unify clouds, sites, and users. Alkira automates the entire creation, management, and operation of your network. Need to expand to multiple regions? Or thinking of multi-cloud? Alkira’s platform unifies your entire network to form a high resiliency, low-latency global Cloud Fabric. Alkira’s integration with Infoblox allows customers to deploy multiple instances of Infoblox, assign them different roles, and implement multi-cloud multi-region design with high performance using the Anycast capability of Infoblox.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Infoblox, an industry leader in simplified network and security solutions, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading provider of cloud services, have combined to deliver innovative solutions that simplify the management and control of networking and security services across hybrid environments. These solutions improve visibility, decrease risk from cyberthreats, reduce provisioning errors and enhance organizational management, agility and scale across distributed enterprise environments.

Carbon Black

Integration of Infoblox and Carbon Black enables security and incident response teams to leverage the integration of next-generation endpoint and DNS security to improve advanced threat detection, protection, and response. It also enables Infoblox customers to dramatically reduce endpoint response and remediation times associated with DNS indicators of compromise.

Cisco Systems Inc.

Infoblox integrations with Cisco provide visibility into DNS security and networking events, improves situational awareness with optimizes use of threat intelligence and ensures timely response to threats through data sharing. The joint solution also automates discovery, security and policy enforcement in Software Defined Network (SDN)/Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) environments.


CrowdStrike™ is a leading provider of next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and services. CrowdStrike Falcon enables customers to prevent damage from targeted attacks, detect and attribute advanced malware and adversary activity in real-time, and effortlessly search all endpoints, reducing overall incident response time. CrowdStrike’s Global Intelligence team tracks all adversaries—nation-state, criminal, hacktivist, and activist—providing customized and actionable intelligence.


The Infoblox Docker Certified IPAM Plugin brings the Infoblox DDI solution into container environments. Organizations gain enhanced control, visibility and security for their microservices by leveraging the pre-built integration for IP address management (IPAM).


Infoblox and FireEye joint solution combines the power of FireEye Advanced persistent threats (APT) detection and Infoblox DNS-level blocking and device fingerprinting to detect and disrupt APT malware communications and help pinpoint infected devices attempting to access malicious domains. The joint solution extends the value of threat intelligence on APTs with DNS-based security. Also, FireEye iSIGHT delivers the full context and intent of the most damaging threats, allowing security organizations to respond faster, defend proactively, and invest smarter.


Infoblox and FortiGate NGFW together enable security and incident response teams to leverage the integration of firewalls and DNS security to enhance visibility, manage assets, ease compliance and automate remediation.


With Infoblox DDI and Genians Next-Gen Network Access Control (NAC) integration, organizations gain actionable intelligence to mitigate cybersecurity threats in real time. The joint solution provides the ability to extend the enterprise-grade Infoblox DNS Firewall feature with the zero-touch, vendor-agnostic, Layer 2 Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) enforcement capabilities of cloud-managed Genians NAC.


Infoblox DDI for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows Infoblox vNIOSinstances to be deployed in the GCP public cloud. The integration brings Infoblox DNS an IP address management (IPAM) to the Google Cloud, enabling organizations to better control, secure and analyze their hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Infoblox Cloud Network Automation solution provides discovery and automation for GCP resources which improves visibility and auditing, and increases agility when deploying networks and virtual machines.


The Infoblox Provider for HashiCorp’s Terraform extends IPAM and DNS automation into Infrastructure as Code (IaC). The Infoblox Provider integrates seamlessly into provisioning and de-provisioning of infrastructure such as Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) and Virtual Machines (VM) across cloud platforms. Terraform and the Infoblox Provider bring automation, control, and visibility to hybrid cloud resources.

HPE Aruba

The Infoblox and Aruba ClearPass integrated solution helps mutual customers to receive information on new devices and infected hosts, thus enabling them to get the context to prioritize response to threats and reducing time to containment.

IBM QRadar

IBM® QRadar® Security Intelligence Platform provides a unified architecture for integrating security information and event management (SIEM), log management, anomaly detection, incident forensics, incident response, and configuration and vulnerability management. It uses an advanced sense analytics engine to detect advanced threats while providing greater ease of use and lower total cost of ownership. The QRadar team developed a Data Server Manager (DSM) for Infoblox that allows customers to feed Infoblox Syslogs to QRadar for security event monitoring and analysis.


Infoblox is a certified McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Partner. The integrated solution from Infoblox and McAfee plugs the DNS security gap, provides holistic visibility into DNS and web traffic, and automates data sharing between Infoblox DNS, DHCP, IPAM (DDI), and McAfee product suites for faster threat response. The combined solution simplifies the administrative burden of agent distribution and enables automated workflows that quickly remediate infected endpoints managed by McAfee.


Infoblox is the leader in cloud-first networking and security services, enabling businesses to leverage extensive integrations in order to achieve a greater value from Azure.  By managing these core network services across multiple locations through a single, Azure-native lens, organizations gain complete oversight, with greater simplicity, reliability, scalability, and security, regardless of where they are on their journey.


Infoblox vNIOS for Nutanix AHV lets organizations deploy large, robust, manageable and cost-effective Grids. It provides integrated, secure and easily managed DNS, DHCP and IPAM services, as well as a framework for integrating other components of the Infoblox DDI solution in a Nutanix environment. vNIOS for Nutanix AHV is a virtual appliance that runs as a hardware virtual machine guest on Linux.


Infoblox DDI for OpenStack allows automated provisioning in private cloud and/or NFV deployments with customers using OpenStack Liberty with Neutron Networking enabled. With the integration, Infoblox DDI users can automatically assign IP address and DNS records across hybrid deployments, which improves time to deployment efficiency, provides consolidated visibility, and ensures consistency across public/private clouds, virtualized, and on-prem networks.


PCN is a global leader in the managed delivery of DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI). Our innovative DDI Portal is a customizable, operations team-oriented overlay to Infoblox that applies change management controls required by highly regulated industries while providing simple, safe, intelligent self-service. Think of it as an “Easy Button” for 80% of high-volume low impact DDI changes. PCN’s DDI Portal provides Infoblox REST API integrated workflows to automate complex repetitive tasks such as DR testing and retail store rollout. The use of the PCN Portal has been proven to increase agility while reducing the risk, cost, and skill level necessary to make safe changes to core network services. Show More

Phantom Cyber

Phantom Cyber - an innovator in security orchestration and automation - have developed a set of security-centric workflows around Infoblox DDI and DNS Security solutions. These integrated workflows allow enterprises to more rapidly identify, respond and resolve security threats centered on DNS, DHCP, IP Addresses.


Infoblox and Rapid7 Nexpose integration provides much-needed security orchestration capabilities in today’s world of disparate security tools and processes. The integration through outbound APIs enables security operations teams to automate asset discovery, gain visibility into today’s diverse networks, and improve the efficiency of vulnerability management.

Red Hat Ansible Integration

The Infoblox NIOS Collection for Ansible Automation Platform is a package of modules and plug-ins that allows managing Infoblox Network Identity Operating System (NIOS) objects and functions through APIs leveraging Ansible playbooks. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform extends beyond traditional tools for server and software installations to encompass the entirety of IT infrastructure, including network resources. This integration enables network professionals to utilize Infoblox infrastructure for DNS and IP Address Management (IPAM) automation of VMs and containerized workloads deployed across multiple platforms.

Red Hat OpenStack Integration

Infoblox is delivering a robust network automation solution for enterprises that want to leverage RedHat OpenStack to build private and hybrid clouds. Infoblox IPAM Adapter, which integrates the Infoblox solution for delivering critical network services such as DNS, DHCP, and IP address management—a category known as DDI—with OpenStack. Infoblox is the first enterprise-grade DDI vendor to offer an open-source adapter, giving the OpenStack community the opportunity to evaluate and customize the adapter’s underlying code.


ServiceNow receives information on new devices and infected hosts from Infoblox Rest API and using ServiceNow, admin can view the devices and incidents that were discovered by Infoblox. Thus, Infoblox and ServiceNow integration provides visibility into new devices and infected hosts in a single place for networks and security Ops team and enables proactive identification of network and security issues to quickly respond to the network changes and security events.


Infoblox’s integration with the Splunk Cloud Platform, Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk Phantom enhances Splunk’s performance and boosts visibility into events and threat intelligence, helping to speed investigations and drive more efficient responses. The integration enables security and incident response teams to better leverage the power of SIEM and SOAR on-premises or in the Splunk Cloud Platform by pairing it with DNS security events, IPAM metadata and threat information from Infoblox.


Infoblox sends information on IP addresses, network devices and malicious events to Tenable, providing near-real-time visibility into new devices as they join the network. The integration allows Tenable to leverage Infoblox's DNS, DHCP and IPAM data to automatically trigger scans, enabling easier compliance and accelerated remediation. Try Tenable


With the combination of Infoblox contextual data and the ThreatQ threat intelligence platform, your organization can categorize, manage and respond to threats with greater speed and efficacy by activating cyberintelligence in Infoblox DNS and importing Infoblox threat intelligence.


Infoblox is a VMware Select Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) and Infoblox vNIOS DDI has been certified as VMware Ready. This integration allows VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO)/vRealize Automation (vRA) and Infoblox DDI to provide robust automation of IP address and DNS provisioning as part of the orchestration process which reduces manual processes, speeds time to delivery, and provides visibility of virtual resources including ESXi and NSX deployments.
Disclaimer: Each of these integrations are supported by either Infoblox/Partner/Both. Integrations could also be community supported.
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