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BloxOne® DDI:
Cloud-managed DNS, DHCP
and IPAM for modern networking

Bring anytime, anywhere cloud management to core network services

BloxOne DDI is the industry’s first cloud-managed solution that enables you to centrally control and automate DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) for hybrid and multi-cloud networks. Built on the cloud-native BloxOne® Platform and available as a SaaS service, BloxOne DDI eliminates the complexity, bottlenecks and scalability limitations of traditional DDI implementations.


Move core network services from the data center to the cloud


Gain multi-cloud visibility and unified management


Streamline network service provisioning across all locations

Key benefits

Simplify and automate IT

Simplify and automate IT

Orchestrate and automate DNS, DHCP and IP address provisioning across distributed locations from the cloud

Enhance network visibility

Enhance network visibility

Increase visibility into end users and devices across the network regardless of their location

Scale elastically

Scale elastically

Quickly deploy DDI services where and when you need them to accommodate new devices and IP addresses

Minimize downtime with local survivability

Minimize downtime with local survivability

Provide direct connectivity to the Internet and cloud-based apps to all users with local DNS resolution

Ensure better end-user experiences

Ensure better end-user experiences

Reduce latency by connecting distributed locations to the nearest point of entry in the cloud for SaaS applications

Accelerate DevOps

Accelerate DevOps

Eliminate manual intervention and automate the provisioning of network services that DevOps services need to move at cloud speed

Centrally administer core network services

For large-sized enterprises, legacy hub-and-spoke DDI solutions are harder to manage as operations grow increasingly distributed. With BloxOne DDI, you can integrate and centrally administer DDI across data center, cloud and branch locations.

  • Get a single point of DDI visibility and control
  • Scale DDI automatically and horizontally
  • Access consolidated views and template-based provisioning

Rightsize your DDI

Mid-sized organizations often lack the people and budgets required to manage traditional on-premises DDI implementations cost effectively. With cloud-managed BloxOne DDI, you deploy exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

  • Elastically expand DDI as your needs change
  • Centrally and remotely administer all DDI services from the cloud
  • Never overprovision DDI again

Ensure the best experience for end users

In traditional DDI deployments, end users in distributed locations connect to the Internet and the cloud through the data center. Should that connection go down, so does the Internet. With BloxOne DDI, you can:

  • Provide everyone with Direct Internet Access no matter where they happen to be
  • Ensure always-on availability for network access
  • Take advantage of local DNS resolution to ensure all traffic goes to the closest Internet breakout for cloud applications


Centralized operations across locations

BloxOne DDI provides a cloud-managed interface for automated DNS, DHCP and IP address management, and policy control across multiple locations.

Elastic scale

BloxOne DDI can scale by the thousands using any combination of hardware appliances, VMs or containers—all centrally managed. In addition, organizations can add BloxOne DDI appliance licenses one at a time in a site as the local demand for DNS/DHCP capacity dictates.

Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP)

ZTP automates and vastly simplifies the deployment of BloxOne DDI at scale. BloxOne DDI appliances “phone home” to authenticate, download and deploy configurations globally across all remote sites.

Flexible deployment

BloxOne DDI is available as a virtual machine (VM) on VMware and as a container on Docker. A hardware appliance is optionally available for purchase from Infoblox.

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BloxOne DDI


Elevate cloud experiences in any location

Distributed Enterprise

Elevate cloud experiences in any location

Office 365

Ensure fast, reliable user experiences

Accelerate Office 365

Ensure fast, reliable user experiences

Extend DDI security and agility

Combine BloxOne DDI with companion Infoblox capabilities

Harden security with
BloxOne Threat Defense

Protect people and devices everywhere

DDI flexibility

Combine the best of on-premises and cloud-managed DDI to maximize your agility

Learn how to take DDI to the cloud

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