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DNS Traffic Control (DTC):
Accelerate application delivery and performance

Optimize application response times with advanced global server load balancing

Keep applications
available, performing
and resilient

In an on-demand world, even minor delays in response times for your applications can lead to unacceptable losses in productivity, customer satisfaction and sales. Conventional approaches, such as Global Server Load-Balancing (GSLB) or Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), can address many of these problems. These kinds of stand-alone solutions, however, are deployed and managed separately from your DNS-related systems, which significantly increases capital and operational costs.

A smarter approach

Infoblox DNS Traffic Control optimizes application response times and performance. It uniquely combines load balancing functionality with the industry’s leading DNS management platform for a single, unified solution—and for less than a third the cost of traditional ADCs.

Key benefits

Infoblox DNS Traffic Control empowers your enterprise to:

Accelerate application availability, response time and web performance

Accelerate application availability, response time and web performance

Automatically direct traffic to optimal servers and data centers

Enable disaster recovery and business continuity

Enable disaster recovery and business continuity

Improve performance across your data centers, while minimizing data loss

Increase visibility and reduce costs

Increase visibility and reduce costs

Centralize management and visibility through IPAM integration and consolidating DNS and GSLB capabilities in a single platform

Validate system health

Validate system health

Closely monitor servers, pools and load balanced domain names (LBDNs) to ensure network reliability and performance

Leverage Infoblox’s powerful APIs

Leverage Infoblox’s powerful APIs

Accelerate application configuration, deployment and deletion to streamline operational processes and save time and cost

Accelerate application availability and response times

Ensure superior customer experiences by intelligently directing network and Internet traffic to optimal servers for maximum application uptime and performance

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Automate disaster recovery and business continuity

Deliver reliable internal and external application availability when disaster strikes through automated routing and redundancy for greater visibility, resiliency, analytics and control

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Manage smarter with unified management

Simplify administration, slash expenses and maximize your return on investment by managing global server load balancing and DNS using a centralized, unified console—without the need for separate appliances


True DNS integration

Uses integrated DNS and IPAM data for fast load-balancing decisions, not bolt-on layer-2 or layer-3 architecture like other ADCs.

Multiple load balancing methods

Accommodates round-robin, ratio, global availability, topology and IP source hashing.

Multiple health monitors

Provides out-of-the-box integration with HTTP/S, SNMP, TCP, UDP, SIP and ICMP. Integration with Infoblox IPAM makes it easier to configure servers and topology rules.

Centralized UI

Enables centralized, scalable management for enhanced operational efficiency via a unified UI for the entire enterprise.

Easy to use

Displays visualized relationships that are simple to use without special programming skills.

Extensible attributes

Provides flexible user-defined metadata that can be used for effective load-balancing decisions.

Real-time testing

Supports real-time testing to validate configuration and speed application delivery prior to deployment.

Powerful APIs

Accelerates application configuration, deployment and deletion and simplifies and automates operational processes to save time and cost.

Lower CapEx and OpEx

DTC offers fast, easy and inexpensive licence-based deployment without added hardware and enables quick software updates to Infoblox Grid™ with only a couple of clicks.

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