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Facing the Challenge of Compliance
in the Modern World

All too often, the primary activity of an IT team is the day to day running of the environment. The task of ensuring standards compliance for the network becomes a reactive exercise in the face of audit.

The ability to continuously ensure that your network conforms to standards and best practices is essential in today’s non-stop business environment. With the increasing complexity of networks, mergers and acquisitions, the ever growing number of devices, and a list of required mandates, demonstrating compliance has become a time consuming and complex process. The traditional manual approach is no longer a viable or scalable option. Automation is now a “must have“ requirement to proactively manage your network’s security and compliance and minimize business risks.

Watch Infoblox & Empowered Networks for an in depth conversation about using automated compliance management to:

  • Understand how network devices are configured to minimize exposure
  • Manage configuration drift to reduce inconsistency
  • Ensure near real-time compliance with internal and/or external standards (DISA-STIG, PCI, etc.)
  • Enable notification and integration into downstream operational support systems
  • Simplify and expedite reporting and communication with the business
  • Proactively manage your security and compliance business risk
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