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All The Benefits Of Infoblox Enterprise-Grade DDI—With Less Effort And Expense


IBM has selected Infoblox appliances as the foundation for delivering reliable, scalable and secure core network services, including DNS, DHCP, IPAM, RADIUS, HTTP, TFTP, and NTP, to its enterprise customers. With Infoblox appliances managed by IBM, customers are assured that the critical services that support all IP-based networks and applications are available nonstop, highly secure, and responsive to changing needs. IBM’s scale and extensive expertise—coupled with Infoblox’s industry-leading appliances—deliver core network services with higher availability, visibility, security and performance at a fraction of the cost of operating these same services on white box servers.


Neustar offers a managed service called Ultra DDI based on Infoblox appliances and Grid Technology. This service allows network managers to offload their entire DNS, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and IP Address Management (IPAM) operations while retaining control over day-to-day changes for their corporate networks through the Infoblox web GUI. The Ultra DDI service includes Infoblox appliances and related hardware and software upgrades as well as around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of DNS, DHCP and IPAM operations.

Custom Managed DDI Services

Managed DDI Service powered by Infoblox address the need for IT organizations to automate the day-to-day management of critical, core IP infrastructure—manually administering, upgrading and patching the servers, operating systems and software used as platforms for mission-critical DNS and DHCP services inside the enterprise. This is a complex and labor-intensive undertaking that can be automated in large part by this service.

Managed Service Providers – For more information on partnering with Infoblox to create new managed service offerings, please email us at and we will follow up with you directly.

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