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Managed Services Partners

All the benefits of Infoblox enterprise-grade DDI—with less effort and expense


AT&T Managed DDI is a service that automates the delivery of core IP network services, including DNS, DHCP and IP address management, via hardened appliances from Infoblox. Enterprise customers achieve reduced cost, increased staff efficiency, improved security and network stability. The service includes built-in support for IPv6 and DNSSEC and prepares businesses for strategic initiatives like cloud computing and virtualization–all delivered by AT&T as a managed service.


Atos is the global leader in secure and decarbonized digital. As a new managed services partner for Infoblox, it provides a range of market-leading digital solutions, including consultancy services, digital security and decarbonization offerings provided through an end-to-end partnership approach.


DXC is a global IT services and solutions provider with 30 data centers worldwide, managing over 16 million IP addresses for itself and over 100 times that for its clients. DXC provides services to consolidate IP address management, DNS and DHCP and provides customers with a single source of truth for IPAM, DNS and DHCP data. DXC can also generate network intelligence that can drive more reliable service delivery, improve security and reliability, and lower infrastructure and IT management costs.


IBM has selected Infoblox as the foundation for delivering reliable, scalable and secure core network services, including DNS, DHCP, IPAM, RADIUS, HTTP, TFTP, and NTP, to its enterprise customers. With Infoblox-orchestrated VNFs and cloud-native containerized software solutions managed by IBM, customers are assured that the critical services that support all IP-based networks and applications are available nonstop, highly secure and responsive to changing needs. IBM’s scale and extensive expertise—coupled with Infoblox’s industry-leading appliances—deliver core network services with higher availability, visibility, security and performance at a fraction of the cost of operating these same services on white box servers.


Neustar offers a managed service called Ultra DDI based on Infoblox appliances and Grid technology. This service allows network managers to offload their entire DNS, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and IP address management (IPAM) operations while retaining control over day-to-day changes for their corporate networks through the Infoblox web GUI. In addition to the Infoblox solution, the Ultra DDI service includes related software and hardware upgrades, and around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of DNS, DHCP and IPAM operations.


PCN’s core business is managed DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) services. The company also offers comprehensive Infoblox platform management. Whether you are working with Infoblox Trinzic or hybrid solutions, including BloxOne® DDI and BloxOne Threat Defense, PCN’s extensive experience architecting, building, migrating, upgrading, patching and consulting on Infoblox environments can help ensure project success. PCN’s purpose-built DDI monitoring platform tracks the KPIs of Infoblox appliances and interrogates the DNS and DHCP services directly to provide robust baseline information for troubleshooting and capacity planning.


As your business grows, so do the threats to your systems and data. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), attack methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated. You’re continually confronted by attacks that make avoiding damage difficult. But with comprehensive security monitoring and management services, you can protect what’s most important. Verizon offers Managed Network Services and Managed Security Services to complement enterprise business teams. Verizon can provide Infoblox DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) and Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense solutions to their customers, both as a managed service and through resale.

Custom managed
DDI services

For organizations moving toward hybrid and multi-clouds, the complexity of managing essential network services such as DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) can prevent them from realizing the full promise of the cloud. Many organizations still leverage legacy approaches and manually administer these solutions–upgrading and patching the servers, operating systems and software used as platforms for their mission-critical DNS and DHCP services. Such legacy approaches often delay these critical deployments and dilute the automation and orchestration benefits these organizations seek.

Managed DDI and security services powered by Infoblox can help enterprises reduce effort and expense. Our solutions fuel the products and applications that meet customers’ urgent demand for networking simplicity, agility and cost control, enabling them to more easily secure and manage networks of any scale and scenario.

Managed service providers: For more information on partnering with Infoblox to create new managed service offerings, please email us at and we will follow up with you directly.

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