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DoH! Closing the Security Gap in

Watch the “Coffee Chat with Cricket” webinar and learn how to maximize network protection.

Use of the new DNS over HTTPS (DoH) protocol is gaining steam. And while it offers convenient protection in many scenarios, it also comes with some serious tradeoffs. One of the biggest is that it bypasses your enterprise DNS security, leaving your end-users prone to cyberthreats that lurk in unmonitored DNS traffic.

Make plans now to attend our upcoming “A Coffee Chat with Cricket”* and learn how the latest release of BloxOne™ Threat Defense enables you to maintain DNS security even after DoH is enabled. Reporting capabilities that give you a bird’s-eye view of your security posture.

Leading DNS authority and author Cricket Liu is your guide as we also showcase new BloxOne Threat Defense capabilities for reporting, lookalike domain monitoring and real-time data sharing across your cybersecurity ecosystem.

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