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Helping You Manage Through
the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 epidemic presents your organization with unprecedented challenges. One of the most critical involves ensuring the safety of your employees who now must connect to your network almost exclusively at home for weeks to potentially months.

Securing remote networking is difficult for even the most well-staffed IT organizations. It’s much harder if it’s something you have had to implement overnight.

We’re here to help

For the past two decades, we’ve enabled enterprises and government entities to manage and secure their networks in trying times. COVID-19 certainly qualifies. We’re committed to helping you in any way we can to make your network more secure during this current crisis and beyond.

As you look to safeguard your distributed workforce, here are four vital areas that you should consider:

Fortify cloud access.

Your employees working from home connect directly to business-critical applications like Microsoft Office 365 and SFDC that run in the cloud. However, remote workers don’t have access to the on-premises security safeguards of headquarters. Unfortunately, cloud platform providers lack the ability to adequately secure application access. We can help you:

  • Easily extend headquarters protection to home-based workers
  • Automatically detect and block malware that preys on Internet and cloud connectivity

Protect corporate data.

Staff working from home must interact with corporate data to do their jobs. Preventing data theft becomes harder to do as workers move outside the traditional network perimeter. Adding to the challenge is that home-based workers connect using a range of devices, which can become easy to lose sight of in the cloud. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Automatically stop data exfiltration attempts before they occur
  • Know the security state of all devices across your entire network in real time

Keep workers safe from bad destinations.

The sad reality is that malicious actors are exploiting the rise in teleworking to launch new attacks. The use of sophisticated phishing campaigns and fake domain names is increasing, and so is the risk that your employees will accidentally click on bad links, especially when they’re busy. We can make it easy for you to:

  • Automatically prevent employees from accessing malicious web destinations
  • Use content filtering to restrict access to specific web content not in compliance with company policy

Use early detection and threat intelligence to your advantage.

Cyberattacks move at alarming speed. That was true even before we all started working from home. Early detection is key. So is access to accurate, curated threat intelligence that anticipates attacks before they happen. We can help you:

  • Detect security events in your network the moment they arise anywhere in the world
  • Automatically share event information across all of your security tools to end threats faster

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Special BloxOne®️ Threat Defense Offer

Infoblox understands that this is a challenging time for our customers. Regrettably, many of the cybersecurity technologies that work within your enterprise facilities do not protect your employees working from home. To help you better protect your workforce starting immediately, we are providing the following BloxOne Threat Defense offer:

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