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Infoblox Support

I am a new Infoblox customer. How do I get a user account on the Infoblox support web?

Welcome to Infoblox. In order to get a userid established, you need to fill out the user registration form available at Support Center Login page. You will need to enter an Infoblox Support ID to register as a user. Once Infoblox receives your completed request, we will establish your user credentials and contact you within 1 business day with the access information.

I am a new Infoblox customer. How do I find Infoblox Support ID to register a new user?

You can find Infoblox Support ID in the shipping confirmation email sent by Infoblox during initial purchase of Infoblox products. If there is a registered user within your organization, you can also locate the Infoblox Support ID in the Infoblox iSupport site. Once you login to Infoblox Support Center, you will find Infoblox Support ID under welcome message on the left side of the window.

How should I log a support issue?

There are multiple ways in which you can contact Infoblox support including by phone, the support web portal, and by email.

  • Web:
  • Phone toll free: 1-888-463-6259 (U.S. and Canada)
  • Phone: 1-408-986-4000, ext. 1

How do I renew my support contract?

Support renewals are administered by the reseller from which you purchased your Infoblox products, or through an Infoblox sales representative if you purchased your product directly from Infoblox. If you would like more information or need assistance regarding support contract renewals, please send email to and we will get back to you promptly.

Where can I find information on your support offerings?

Information regarding our support offerings can be obtained from Maintenance Packages page in the Support portal.

How do I know if my support contract is valid?

You can verify your support status on Infoblox iSupport site. Login to Infoblox Support Center, go to iSupport Portal site, and click on Account tab to by view support contract.

Does your support contract cover advanced replacement of hardware should a hardware failure occur?

Yes, the premium support contract provides advance replacement of hardware for hardware related failures. More details are available in the program descriptions.

What are the support hours of operation?

Premium Maintenance Contract Customers: Phone support is on a 24x7x365 days basis for all P1 issues. Priority 2 issues and lower are responded to during our normal business hours from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, M-F, Pacific Standard Time.

How do I return my defective unit after I have been issued an RMA?

Once you have received the RMA replacement, please ship the defective unit back to us. Click on the following link to view the RMA return instruction procedures: RMA return instructions.

How do I return an Infoblox appliance after my evaluation has been completed?

An RMA number is required before returning any evaluation unit. The RMA Number is the same as the order number noted on the packing slip and the pre-paid return label is located in the power cord(s) box. If you need a return label or pick-up, please fill out Eval Return Form.

Is Infoblox WEEE Compliant?

Infoblox is in the process of setting up and administering a product recycling program per the WEEE Directive. If you reside in any European country and you intend on disposing of any Infoblox products, please contact the Director of Operations for instructions on proper disposal. Please call 1-408-986-4000 for more information.

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