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High-performance authoritative DNS
for service providers

Fast. Cost-efficient. Automated. The foundation for dynamic next-generation telecommunications services.

Gain increased visibility

Automatically and dynamically track virtual instances and resources

Maintain optimal performance

Support superior subscriber experiences through carrier-grade performance and high availability

Gain increased visibility

Stay on top of enforcement through improved visibility and reporting

Reduce errors

Safeguard against manual data entry or configuration errors that can disrupt service

Power ultra-fast
services through
selection, discovery
and management

In dynamic telco cloud networks, elements are added or changed continuously in response to traffic growth, new service areas, re-allocation of capacity, new network services and many other scenarios. Every element requires an accurate IP address, and every change requires an update of the database or zone map of authoritative DNS servers.

With Infoblox DNS, you can enable, centrally manage and automate all aspects of authoritative and recursive DNS to achieve the high availability, efficiency, security and application response times that subscribers expect in a digitally connected world.

Key benefits

Reduce cost of ownership

Leverage automation to do more with the same headcount by eliminating repetitive and labor-intensive server administrative tasks, decreasing errors and avoiding generic server support costs.

Maintain availability

DNS Traffic Control continuously monitors the status of network nodes, removing over-provisioning to sustain consistent availability and to prevent traffic getting assigned to out-of-service nodes.

Optimize next-generation networks

From the rollout of new radio sites to supporting the next-generation core, Infoblox automates the critical functions of DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) that are foundational to 5G.

Support encrypted DNS

New DNS privacy technologies are problematic for service providers. Infoblox supplies efficient encryption for DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) while delivering our best-in-class DNS and value-added subscriber services.

Deliver excellent performance

Infoblox Secure DNS Cache Acceleration offers the most robust and cost-effective DNS caching, combining sub-millisecond response and advanced threat protection while maintaining low latency and a secure subscriber experience.

Mobile service providers

Deliver safe and reliable 5G speed and performance while reducing operational costs.

Cable and broadband

Achieve cost-efficient management and control for a faster and more secure subscriber experience.

Managed service provider solutions

Create profitable service offerings to solve customer challenges with deployment models that include on-premises, virtual and/or cloud-based services.

Explore and learn more

BloxOne Threat Defense

BloxOne® Threat Defense

Quickly deploy on-premises, cloud or hybrid DNS-layer security everywhere

BloxOne® Threat Defense

Protect the network, subscribers and the brand with powerful DNS security via a lightweight footprint—delivering automatic monitoring and proactive threat detection.

Advanced DNS Protection

Protect enterprise DNS infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime

Advanced DNS Protection

Maintain DNS integrity by stopping external and internal DNS DDoS attacks that can take your network offline.

Cloud network automation

Centrally manage core network services and security

Cloud network automation

Automate core network services within the telco cloud by integrating DDI between SDN and public/private cloud networks.

Know your network

Easily analyze your network and automate compliance

Know your network

Gain centralized visibility with data-driven insight so you can easily analyze, control and secure your network no matter how extensive or sophisticated it becomes.

Maintain critical DNS service availability
in rapidly evolving networks

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