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Traffic Distribution Systems at the Heart of Cybercrime

In mainstream media, cybercriminals are often portrayed as exotic figures that employ dark arts of computer programming to disrupt social order. Realistically, many of them function like a typical e-commerce business and much of their operation mirror those of online advertising networks. To thrive in the cybercrime industry, they require a continuous stream of web traffic to their malicious infrastructure. A practical way of achieving this is by partnering with web traffic brokers. Such entities play a key role in fueling cybercrime because they feed downstream threat actors with potential victims. VexTrio, a web traffic broker and malicious content creator, is responsible for driving victim traffic to a large number of cyber criminals.

Join Infoblox’s Head of Threat Intelligence, Renée Burton, for an in-depth discussion with researchers Christopher Kim and Randy McEoin, who will discuss new research on VexTrio and its role in the cybercrime economy as a traffic distribution system (TDS).

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