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Infoblox Threat Intel - Disrupting Cybercrime Where It Begins - DNS

The traditional malware-centric approach to threat detection is fast becoming obsolete and inadequate. Most security solutions use a post-incident-centric approach to threat detection, blocking attacks once an initial compromise has happened. But that is too late.

Threat actors have become more sophisticated, often exploiting the vulnerability of remote employees and using lookalike domains to launch MFA attacks, which in fact was the single most visible and threatening attack of 2023. While some actors like to register and age domains before using them in attacks several months down the line, others like to register a domain and launch an attack within minutes, sometimes targeting a specific organization.

A true paradigm shift is necessary—one that can proactively protect enterprises from criminal actors as they build their infrastructure. Infoblox Threat Intel combines market-leading DNS expertise with cutting-edge data science to identify threat actor infrastructure before the actors use them and disrupts communications to those high-risk domains.

Watch this webinar to learn from the global head of threat intel on how Infoblox:

  • Connects the dots and tracks threat actors in DNS, with examples
  • Reduces MTTD and proactively mitigates targeted attacks within minutes of a domain getting registered
  • Improves the efficacy of existing security and observability tools
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