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Evolving DNS as Part of Your XDR Strategy

Today’s networks have evolved from static, centralized environments to a highly distributed infrastructure spanning multi-cloud, on-premises, edge, and IoT/OT environments. With this increasing complexity, the ability to provide comprehensive protection has become an enormous challenge trying to stay ahead of the pace and volume of ongoing attacks. Traditional security approaches have limitations in addressing these growing complexities, leaving security teams to struggle with a lack of visibility and control, and limited access to critical data that can prioritize the most critical threats while accelerating the ability to identify the users/devices affected.

Leveraging DNS as part of a Detection and Response security strategy offers a unique solution that augments traditional security with new capabilities protecting everything connected to the network. You can combine the protective capabilities of DNS along with visibility and automation to safeguard your network. DNS threat intelligence can track adversary infrastructure even before the bad actors launch their campaigns.

Join Chris Kissel, Research Vice President, Security & Trust Products at IDC, and Anthony James, Vice President, Product Marketing at Infoblox, for this webinar to learn more about:

  • The evolving challenges of protecting distributed networks
  • How traditional approaches have limitations in protecting your complete network infrastructure
  • Why DNS should be part of your Detection and Response strategy
  • The key capabilities of DNS Detection and Response as a comprehensive network security strategy
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