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Operationalizing DDI for a Unified and Secure Approach to Multi-cloud Networking

Wednesday, May 22, 2024
8 am PDT | 11 am EDT | 4 pm BST

While most of the world is now implementing hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure, operations teams now face a mission-critical mandate to better manage today’s complex multi-cloud environments. In fact, new research by the Enterprise Strategy Group’s survey of 1,000 IT leaders and influencers highlights this reality with 76% of respondents reporting that their teams are under pressure to be more agile to accelerate developer velocity. But how can networking teams support this business imperative given operational, organizational, and cybersecurity challenges?

A converged approach to hybrid, multi-cloud networking leveraging an enterprise-grade DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) platform is foundational to multi-cloud maturity, but there are headwinds with EMA research showing that only 41% of organizations have been successful in their DDI implementation.

This webinar will cover both the impediments to DDI success, and best practices employed by more mature organizations by exploring:

  • Cloud Disruption: The networking team implementing DDI tools are too often disconnected from the cloud engineering and DevOps teams to effectively influence the use of DDI in a platform approach.
  • Siloed DDI: The use of separate tools by separate teams to manage separate environments, and the substandard APIs in such solutions results in a lack of integration between the network and business systems, monitoring solutions, and automation tools exacerbating the visibility gap.
  • DDI Security Blindspot: A lack of confidence in DNS security and a lack of focus on securing IPAM and DHCP leaves organizations vulnerable to a range of network-based attacks.
  • The Central Role of Collaboration: Just as DevOps removed organizational and cultural barriers between teams, so too must a collaborative approach be employed to bring DDI implementations to platform and cloud engineering teams.
  • Risk-based Approach: After a successful proof of concept, organizations can greatly reduce their attack surface by prioritizing DDI rollouts to protect their organization’s most critical applications.
  • DDI to Support the Emergence of AI Workload: AI workloads are not only compute and storage intensive, they are networking intensive requiring reliant and performant connectivity to assure the right data is collected and transferred to the right LLM or data lake in support of business requirements.

Meet the Presenters

Shamus McGillicuddy

Vice President of Research, Enterprise Management Associates

Shamus McGillicuddy is the vice president of research at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). With more than 18 years of IT industry experience, Shamus leads EMA’s network infrastructure and operations practice. He identifies and evaluates cutting edge trends that impact the networking industry, and he advises IT professionals on best practices for designing, building, and managing their networks.

Doug Cahill

Independent Advisor

Doug Cahill is an independent advisor consulting technology industry leaders on best practices for securely leveraging modern infrastructure. Doug was previously the Senior Vice President of Analyst Services at TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) managing the firm’s coverage areas and research topics. Prior to ESG, Doug held executive leadership positions at cloud and endpoint cybersecurity vendors where he launched market-leading products and established strategic partnerships. Over the course of his career, Doug has also served in product management, marketing, and business development roles for storage management, cloud, networking, and application development vendors and started his career in IT as a business analyst.

Anthony James

Vice President, Product Marketing, Infoblox

Anthony James is a seasoned technology and marketing executive bringing in 20+ years of marketing and product experience in the cybersecurity industry and leads as Infoblox’s VP of Product Marketing. With his unique ability to dive deep into technology, he is able to develop messaging and marketing strategies with high value and differentiation, and has a proven track record of increasing market share for companies of all sizes. Anthony holds an associate’s degree in Computer Science from the Sydney Institute of Technology in Australia, where he began his career before migrating to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1999 to drive innovation within the Silicon Valley scene.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
8 am PDT | 11 am EDT | 4 pm BST

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