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Cybersecurity Event Series 2023

Infoblox Exchange is back!

We are thrilled to announce that Infoblox Exchange is coming to more than 20 cities globally, with 10 cities across Asia Pacific and Australia from May to September 2023!

The chronic shortage of security personnel means businesses need to do more with less, prioritising real threats and reduce average investigation time. This Cybersecurity Event Series will help you understand how cut through the noise and enhance your existing investments while still securing networks from ever-evolving, fast-moving cyber threats.

These invaluable events are not to be missed with customer & guest speakers as well as well Infoblox execs from both your local teams and Infoblox HQ. Join a local event near you!

Are you ready? Don’t miss any of these conference sessions

Trends & Research

Understand the cybersecurity trends and research findings affecting security operations today. Explore how work-from-anywhere realities, Internet of Things deployments, the growing adoption of Zero Trust architectures and geopolitical tensions are shaping today’s security landscape. Learn how comprehensive threat intelligence and best practices can improve your security posture.

Vision & Strategy

Get a big-picture view of the most urgent challenges security operations face today and how Infoblox and its partners are empowering top enterprises to overcome those challenges. Learn how essential network services like DNS can stop threat actors in their tracks, explore relevant use cases and get a roadmap of BloxOne Threat Defense.

DNS Detection and Response

Organisation must stop attacks early or “shift left” their detection to minimise impact and they need to do it using fewer resources. In this session, we unveil a new superpower that enables you to shift left easily and automatically: DNS Detection and Response. Explore the unique security capabilities of DNS in shutting down advanced attacks, including those involving look-alike domains, DGA and command-and-control (C2) servers.

Operations Super Team – SecOps & NetOps

Recent industry reports reveal the growing need for SecOps and NetOps to unite to meet today’s complex network and security challenges. In this session, we explore how DNS and IPAM can make both security and networking teams more effective and efficient by delivering visibility and real-time insight to detect and respond to threats faster while maintaining the high availability and performance modern organisations require.

Multi-Cloud Visibility: A Critical Component for Network Operations and Security

Extreme visibility is on every security organisation’s wish list. In this session, you will learn how data from DNS, DHCP and IPAM, when made available in the workflow, vastly improves detection and remediation by providing compressive, real-time visibility into cyber threats, compromised devices, and malicious web destinations and servers available by no other means.

ROI of DNS Detection and Response

In today’s economic climate, security teams are under tremendous pressure to protect more with less. In this session, you will learn five ways that DNS security hardens defenses and boosts SecOps efficiency, while also preserving investments, reducing costs and lowering risks in crucial areas across the enterprise.

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