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What is a DNS Firewall?

A DNS Firewall firewall is a network security solution that prevents network users and systems from connecting to known malicious Internet locations. DNS Firewall works by employing DNS Response Policy Zones (RPZs) and actionable threat intelligence to prevent data exfiltration.

DNS Firewalls can also provide insights on threats, helps isolate infected devices for remediation, and stays current with the evolving threat landscape through an automated threat intelligence feed.

Infoblox DNS Firewall is the leading DNS-based network security solution which contains and controls malware that uses DNS to communicate with C&Cs and botnets. DNS Firewall works by employing DNS Response Policy Zones (RPZs), actionable threat intelligence, and the optional Infoblox Threat Insight to prevent data exfiltration. Also—collaborating with Infoblox DHCP for device fingerprinting, with Infoblox Identity Mapping for capturing the user name tied to an infected device, and with Infoblox IP address management—DNS Firewall provides actionable information to help pinpoint infected devices for remediation.

What is a DNS Firewall?


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