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Implement Intelligence DNS with DNS Traffic Control

Imagine a world with intelligent DNS – with DNS Traffic Control it is reality! Lean how to use Infoblox DNS Traffic Control to perform load balancing and disaster recovery, based on auto-updated DNS records. Infoblox allows you to improve service up time and availability with simple to implement dynamic load balancing based on IPAM data. Understand how you could inexpensively replace your dedicated load balancers with a DTS-based solution.
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Run an Even More Effective GRID using Real-time Reporting

Get the best practices for real-time monitoring on your network using pre-built Widgets included in Core DDI 7.3 and later. See how the unique Global Traffic Report provides visibility to data flows across your Infoblox GRID. Learn how to conduct network capacity planning improve system utilization via Infoblox predictive analytics. Get access to two free features: Infoblox Reporting Free Usage Tier and Infoblox Community Shared Reports Library.
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Interactive Demo: Infoblox Reporting Webinar Series

Don’t leave your DDI infrastructure to fate! Infoblox Reporting and Analytics provides Actionable Network Intelligence by gathering, analyzing, and presenting data from your DNS, DHCP, and IPAM infrastructure. These insights can help you with ensuring the infrastructure is performing sufficiently well to support your network based applications, streamline compliance initiatives, give you visibility into the security of your network, and predictively warn you about IP exhaustion and infrastructure capacity exceedance.
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