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Infoblox Introduces New Channel IP (Invest & Profit) Program to Increase Partner Pipeline and Opportunities

Infoblox Inc. today announced its new Channel Invest & Profit (IP) program designed to empower Infoblox channel partners to maximize profit associated with today’s pressing enterprise IT initiatives, including virtualization, cloud, data center consolidation, security, compliance and IPv6-readiness.

Conventional approaches to operating and managing an enterprise IT network – often manual, time-consuming, error-prone and siloed – have been pushed to their limits by the proliferation of IP-connected devices, the increasing mobility of end users and new virtual and cloud-application delivery models that are driving the need for a dynamic network. The network now needs to conform to a constantly changing computing and application delivery environment. As a result, automated network tools and purpose-built systems are quickly becoming a necessity for enterprise IT departments.

Infoblox is empowering its channel partners to help enterprise IT departments weather this transition by narrowing the automation gap with its automated network control solutions and offering the new Infoblox Channel IP program.

“We are excited to be part of the new Infoblox partner program that focuses on helping us deliver the most innovative solutions and value-added services to our customers,” says Stefaan Hinderyckx, Network Integration and Security Director for Dimension Data Europe, an ICT services and solutions provider. “Given Infoblox’s expertise in IP management and the automated capabilities their systems deliver, we are keen to align with them more and help our clients put some efficiency and sanity back in their increasingly complex IT environments.”

Unique Infoblox Program Offerings Set New Channel Program Standard

The new program includes a host of industry-standard offerings, including tiered discounts, deal registration, partner portal, training and enablement tools as well as several unique opportunities for partners to:

  • Achieve Expert Knowledge Transfer – through access to free training programs for advanced certifications that enable their representatives to better educate customers.
  • Improve Prospect Pipeline – through qualification for dedicated marketing funds and tailored lead generation programs.
  • Increase Customer Awareness – through qualification for pre-configured demo kits, an online demo environment and live systems in a partner’s environment subsidized by Infoblox.

The program also includes opportunities for close alignment of Infoblox sales and channel team members with Infoblox Elite partners, a new select group of Infoblox top 50 partners around the world, to help perform targeted joint marketing, education and demand-generation events.

“Infoblox’s progressive channel program reflects their commitment to helping their partners educate the marketplace and drive and close business,” says Mark Sollazo, President and CEO at SynerComm, an enterprise network infrastructure and security reseller in the United States and new Infoblox Elite partner. “The investments and incentives offered by Infoblox are clearly aligned to our growth and customer acquisition goals and should set the stage for everyone involved to profit.”

“We are very pleased with the partner community reception to our Channel IP program; their interest illustrates the need for a clearly differentiated partner program in this rapidly changing market, and we are happy to be the one addressing this need,” says Tim Colby, Infoblox Vice President of Worldwide Channels at Infoblox. “Infoblox is committed not only to investing in our partners but also to empowering them to increase and accelerate the outcome of their pipeline opportunities with richer marketing offerings, shared expertise and a more concentrated focus on our best partners.”

Infoblox Automated Network Solutions Enable Enterprise IT Efficiency and Stability

Embedded at strategic points in an organization’s network, Infoblox automated network control solutions provide highly available business-critical network services to connect networks, applications and people. With the Infoblox solution, networks remain resilient and applications provide high availability, despite the growing volume of change and unpredictable demands.

Infoblox appliances enable operational savings by automating repetitive manual procedures, replacing manual spreadsheets and automating configuration updates. The reduced need for network staff to perform routine tasks allows them to tackle strategic projects like cloud-readiness, IPv6 support, and increasing security, as well as mobility and compliance initiatives.

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About Infoblox

Infoblox is a global leader in automated IT network control solutions. The Company’s purpose-built physical and virtual appliance platforms combine real-time IP address management (IPAM) with network control, configuration and change capabilities. The solutions help Infoblox’s more than 5,000 end customers achieve more dynamic and reliable networks, efficient operations and increased value from their virtualization and cloud computing initiatives. Headquarters are in Santa Clara, Calif. with additional operations in 30 countries.

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