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Infoblox Expands Security Offerings to Help Protect Against DNS Security Threats and BYOD Risks

Infoblox Inc., the automated network control company, today introduced new solutions to help global businesses, government agencies and service providers secure their networks against cyber threats.

Domain name system (DNS) cyber-attacks and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are creating new network vulnerabilities that are creating significant risk to production IT systems. Infoblox is offering new solutions to help IT teams gain better visibility and control over their network security. The new offerings include Infoblox DNS Firewalltm, the advanced malware protection solution now available on its carrier-grade 4030 DNS Caching Appliance. In addition, Infoblox is introducing new DHCP Fingerprinting technology to help network administrators identify and control the device types that are on the network without the need for network discovery or on-device agents.

Protection against Malware and Denial of Service Attacks – Infoblox DNS Firewall on the 4030 DNS Caching Appliance

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical network control point. DNS allows all applications, devices and processes to find each other in the increasingly complex and dynamic network. Without DNS, virtually all network communication would cease to function. This is why DNS has been the target of increasing distributed denial of service (DoS / DDoS) attacks. These attacks can cause network outages, and business and service disruptions. In addition, DNS can be exploited for malware communications.

The carrier-grade Infoblox 4030 DNS Caching Appliance has been upgraded to support Infoblox DNS Firewall. DNS Firewall leverages the Infoblox live reputational feed to populate the Infoblox DNS system with a list of known malicious domains. When malware tries to connect one of these malicious domains to its botnet controller, DNS Firewall will block that connection and log the access attempt for remediation by the security team.

In addition, the Infoblox 4030 is capable of up to 1 million DNS queries per second (QPS). This level of performance can help mitigate some of the risks associated with DoS / DDoS attacks by using the immense performance of the Infoblox system, combined with automated detection of common DoS/DDoS attacks to materially increase the chance of surviving the attack.

“Since DNS is now one of the principal attack vehicles for malware that infects mobile devices for botnet formation, protecting the mobile infrastructure against the spread of malware is a top priority,” said Monica Paolini, President at Senza Fili Consulting. “The Infoblox DNS firewall offers mobile operators a carrier-class malware protection capability for the DNS infrastructure in their networks.”

Visibility and Control of devices on your network

Establishing device access policies for corporate networks is a vital element of a successful and secure BYOD program. With the new Infoblox DHCP Fingerprinting technology, network administrators can see device type information – such as iOS or Android devices, an Xbox, or a Linksys router – for all DHCP connected devices on their network, and then take action or create policies based on device type. For example, network teams can increase security by easily prohibiting certain device types from obtaining DHCP leases – effectively keeping them off the network. In addition, integration with Infoblox IP Address Management (IPAM) delivers further correlation of device type and IP address information – providing historical and trend data at the device level. Infoblox DHCP Fingerprinting technology obtains device information via the DHCP lease process and requires no agents or additional discovery steps.

“Bring your own device – or BYOD – is gaining broad acceptance in many organisations, but there are inherent risks and management challenges associated with BYOD,” said Arya Barirani, VP Product Marketing, Infoblox. “The new DHCP Fingerprinting technology provides networking teams better visibility and network control of these devices, without requiring any agents on the device or additional discovery.”

Visit Infoblox at Interop Tokyo

Visit the Infoblox team at Interop Tokyo booth 6B08 and learn more about the new technologies announced today and the Infoblox portfolio of network control solutions. Also at the booth will be representatives from, a community dedicated to promoting free, open source and commercially friendly Apache 2 license implementations based on OpenFlow and Open Networking Foundation standards. The team will be demonstrating LINC, an OpenFlow version 1.2/1.3.1 compliant Capable Switch with support for the OF-Config 1.1 standard.

New Resources to Help Network Administrators Secure their Networks

Pricing and Availability

Infoblox DNS Firewall and 4030 DNS Caching Appliance are available now. Infoblox DHCP Fingerprinting technology is available now as a no-charge feature in Infoblox DDI 6.7. Please contact your Infoblox representative for pricing information.

About Infoblox

Infoblox (NYSE:BLOX) helps customers control their networks. Infoblox solutions help over 6,300 enterprises and service providers in 25 countries make their networks more available, secure and automated.

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