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Infoblox Education Terms and Conditions

This Infoblox Education addendum sets forth additional terms and conditions that govern the sale and use of Infoblox Education.

1. Scope of Offering.

  • Infoblox Education offers industry and product learning, exams, certificates and digital badges via Infoblox and ATP (Authorized Training Partner) delivered live instructor-led training events and Infoblox-provided on-demand learning.

2. Purchasing & Consuming Learning.

  • Organizations (“Organization”) can purchase learning from Infoblox via a learning subscription, training credits or promotion codes.
  • Organization can purchase instructor-led training events from ATPs directly.

2.1 Learning Subscription Consumption Rules.

  • Learning Subscriptions are effective from the Order close date or the subscription renewal start date in case of a renewal.
  • Organization purchases learning subscription by number of user (“Named Learner”) seats and a fixed term length.
  • Organization that purchased the learning subscription provides the contact information of the Named Learners to Infoblox.
  • Named Learner’s email address must be associated with the Organization and not be generic.
  • Named Learners must not share their access with anyone else.
  • Named Learner seat includes up to three hundred and sixty (360) hours of lab access. Labs are made available to Named Learners on a first come, first served basis. Providing a Named Learner has enough remaining lab hours, they may re-provision a lab for the course in question.
  • Organization may replace an original Named Learner with a replacement Named Learner only if the original Named Learner leaves the Organization.
  • Named Learner is responsible for assessing their suitability for enrolling on a live training event.
  • Named Learner must ensure they fulfil the pre-requisites specified of any live training event before registering.
  • Enrollment in a live training event is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Named Learner cannot enroll on an event if the event is full.
  • Named Learner may not attend a live training event unless they have been enrolled into the event and the instructor will immediately cancel any unauthorized attendance.
  • Infoblox reserves the right to change, update, or otherwise modify the live training event schedule, including, but not limited to: the instructor; number of sessions offered; topic of the event; and seats available without any prior notice to Named Learner.
  • Named Learner may cancel their enrollment into a live training event at any time before the training event’s scheduled start time.
  • Named Learner may not enroll in live training events that run concurrently.
  • (“No-Show”) means not attending a live training event in which Named Learner was enrolled and never cancelled prior to the event’s start time. Named Learner’s with more than six (6) no-shows within a six (6) month rolling period may be prevented from enrolling on future live training events.
  • Infoblox reserves the right to remove or cancel a session up to ten (10) business days prior to the start date of the session.
  • Failure to renew a Learning Subscription at the end of its term will terminate all Named Learner access, even if a Named Learner is in the process of taking a course but has not completed it. Any future training event registrations will be cancelled.
  • Failure to adhere to this policy may result in part/full suspension of a Named Learner, removal of Named Learner’s access, and/or Organization termination of participation in the learning subscription.

2.2 Training Credit Consumption Rules..

  • Training credits are effective from the Order close date.
  • Training credits expire one (1) year after the Order close date.
  • Training credits unused after one (1) year are forfeited and cannot be used.
  • Training credits can only be purchased or redeemed for Private Training Events.
  • Organization redeeming the training credits provides the contact information of the Named Learners to Infoblox.
  • Named Learner’s email address must be associated with the Organization and not be generic.

2.3 Training Promotion Code (“Promo Code”) Consumption Rules.

  • User (“Named Learner”) is responsible for providing accurate contact details matching government-issued ID.
  • The Named Learner’s email address must be associated with an organization and not be generic.
  • Promo Codes cannot be exchanged, replaced, or used in combination with other offers.
  • Promo Code expiration dates may not be extended.
  • Promo Codes may not be distributed and/or resold by non-authorized Infoblox Partners and/or Resellers.
  • Infoblox Education reserves the right to withdraw, revoke, change, limit or restrict Promo Codes at any time.

2.4 Authorized Training Partner (“ATP”) Instructor-led Training Event Consumption Rules.

  • ATP provides the contact information of the Named Learners to Infoblox. The Named Learner’s email address must be associated with the end customer and not be generic.
  • After receipt of attendance information from the ATP, Infoblox will issue an attendance certificate within two (2) business days.
  • Infoblox Education will provide fourteen (14) days complimentary access to each Named Learner to a trial On-Demand Only learning subscription.
    • Exam voucher access is not included.
    • Access begins at the start of the training event, and end after fourteen (14) days.
    • Access is not stackable, e.g. if Named Learner attends multiple training events, access will begin at the start of the first training event and end after fourteen (14) days.
    • Only one complimentary access will be provided per Named Learner per twelve (12) month rolling period.
    • Infoblox Education reserves the right to withdraw, revoke, change, limit or restrict this offer at any time.
    • Usage is subject to Section 2.1

3. Private Training Events Changes and Cancellation

  • Organization may not reschedule after the dates are confirmed. If Organization cancels a Private Training Event after training dates are confirmed, their payment is forfeited.

4. Learning Content

  • Infoblox may, without notice, make changes to learning content, content types, delivery systems and platforms, modalities, interfaces, tools, features, functionality, access length to individual assets, access methods, websites, and support.
  • Infoblox may, without notice, modify or temporarily suspend the use of all learning content or portions thereof. Infoblox may also temporarily restrict access to all or parts of learning content for maintenance or system administration purposes without notice or liability.
  • Infoblox learning content is available in English. Some learning content may be made available in other languages. However, Infoblox does not guarantee that content will be available in languages other than English. Where non-English, translated content is available, such translations may not accurately reflect the original content.
  • Named Learner may not:
    • Copy, record, distribute, export, translate, disclose or make available to another party or location, the learning content;
    • Reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or electronically transfer the learning content or any component thereof into another computer language.

5. Lab Environments.

  • Infoblox reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to limit access at any time to lab environments, based on limited capacity availability, network disruption or other factors which may negatively impact the user experience or otherwise make lab access unavailable.
  • Infoblox reserves the right to periodically remove inactive lab environments. Lab environments not accessed within the preceding seven (7) day period are subject to deletion.
  • As part of the aforementioned deletion, any progress or state information of the deleted lab will be lost and will not be restored upon re-provisioning.
  • Lab environments are provided “As Is” without warranties of any kind.
  • Named Learner agrees that lab environments are for their personal educational use.
  • Named Learner will not allow any third party to access or use the lab environment.
  • Named Learner will comply with any technical limitations in the lab environment and will not work around any technical limitations in the lab environment, or reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the lab environment.
  • Named Learner may not download, reproduce, distribute, broadcast, sell, license, transmit, forward, make derivative works based upon or publicly display any portion of the lab environment in any form or by any means.
  • Lab environments may have internet access enabled. Named Learner is only authorized to use the internet access as specified in the lab steps specifically associated with the course to which Named Learner has access. Any other internet access or use is prohibited.
  • Named Learner may only install software into the lab as specified in the lab steps specifically associated with the course to which Named Learner has access. Any other software installation or use is prohibited.
  • Accessing Infoblox Education lab environments is subject to the agreement of Skytap’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Skytap’s AUP can be viewed here:
  • Infoblox reserves the right to silently access, shadow and monitor lab environments to ensure compliance with Skytap’s AUP and our terms and conditions.

6. Systems Connectivity.

  • System performance for Named Learners may vary depending on internet connection speed and reliability.
  • Infoblox is not responsible for a Named Learner’s internet bandwidth (this is the responsibility of the Organization).
  • Infoblox systems may be unavailable due to system maintenance. Infoblox will attempt to notify users in advance of downtime.
  • Organization is responsible for confirming connectivity to Infoblox systems.
  • Organization is responsible for resolving issues impacting their access to Infoblox systems.
  • Organization is responsible for speed testing connectivity and confirming that response time is acceptable.

7. Instructor Office Hours.

  • Instructor office hours are video-based meetings with Infoblox Education technical support staff to discuss course content issues or questions.
  • Instructor office hours appointments are scheduled on an as-available basis, and Infoblox reserves the right to cancel or reschedule office hours appointments.
  • Infoblox may work with the Named Learner to coordinate the rescheduling of appointments, at Infoblox’s discretion.
  • Appointments are only offered Monday through Friday, exclusive of Infoblox holidays.
  • Appointments may not be available at all hours of the day or within the business hours of all worldwide geographies.
  • Instructor office hours are not consulting services. Infoblox Education technical support staff will not provide consulting on technical matters during instructor office hours.

8. Exams, Certificates and Digital Badges.

  • a. Named Learner may not take a given exam any more than six (6) times within a twelve (12) month rolling period. This twelve (12) month period starts upon the first attempt.
  • Named Learner must wait twenty-four (24) hours before retaking an exam after any failed attempt.
  • Named Learner cannot retake an exam the Named Learner has passed unless the certification expires.
  • Named Learner may not disclose or discuss the exam materials, which include, among other things, the format of the exam, the questions, answers, worksheets, computations, drawings, diagrams and any communications, including verbal communication by any party, regarding or related to the exam and any derivatives thereof, with any third party, without prior approval from Infoblox.
  • Named Learner may not copy or attempt to make copies (written, photocopied, or otherwise) of any exam materials, including, without limitation, any questions or answers in the exam materials.
  • Named Learner may not sell, license, distribute, or give away the exam materials, questions, or answers.
  • All exam purchases are final and may not be cancelled or refunded.
  • Prices are valid for one exam attempt.
  • Exam vouchers cannot be exchanged, replaced, or combined with other offers.
  • Exam appointments must be completed on or before the exam voucher expiration date.
  • Exam voucher expiration dates may not be extended, and exam vouchers will not be replaced if not used on or before the expiration date expiration.
  • Upon termination of Learning Subscription, all unused vouchers are revoked.
  • Discount exam vouchers may not be distributed and/or resold by non-authorized Infoblox Partners and/or Resellers.
  • Upon successful completion of an exam our course, and subject to these terms, Infoblox grants Named Learner a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use the applicable credential name and associated certificate and/or digital badge (“Digital Badge”) for the sole purpose of indicating that Named Learner meets the criteria for the applicable Digital Badge.
  • Named Learner may not use the Digital Badge in any way that:
    • May be construed to establish an affiliation between Infoblox and any third parties other than Named Learner; or
    • Negatively impacts Infoblox’s reputation or goodwill.
  • Infoblox retains all rights, title and interests in the Digital Badge. Nothing herein shall be construed to grant any other rights to Named Learner. Named Learner acknowledges that Infoblox is the exclusive owner of all right, title and interest in the Digital Badge, that Named Learner shall take no action inconsistent with Infoblox’s ownership of the Digital Badge, and that Named Learner’s use shall comply with Infoblox’s current Trademark Use Guidelines and any other guidelines that Infoblox may provide, all of which are incorporated by reference (“Guidelines”).
  • Infoblox may change the Digital Badge and Guidelines at any time and Named Learner agrees to comply with any such changes or requests by Infoblox.
  • Named Learner acknowledges that Named Learner’s Digital Badge will not be considered current unless Named Learner has successfully completed (i.e. received the minimum passing score) for both;
    • The applicable initial exam or course, and
    • Any subsequent Infoblox release-specific exams or other maintenance courses required for Named Learner’s original Digital Badge.
  • Digital Badge upon successful completion of an exam or course is not in any way a warranty or guarantee of an individual’s abilities regarding Infoblox products and services in general, and any representations made to the contrary by a qualified individual are strictly prohibited.
  • Any Named Learner who violates testing rules, policies, or procedures may be subject to the following actions or sanctions, including but not limited to:
    • Warning.
    • Invalidation of exam results without receiving a refund or any other form of compensation.
    • Required retake of the exam by redeeming a voucher provided by Infoblox. Infoblox will determine the criteria for retaking the exam, including how and where the exam may be administered and a deadline by which the retake must occur.
    • Restrict exam delivery modality for future exam(s).
    • Revocation of the digital badge related to the violation.
    • Revocation of all Infoblox digital badges.
    • Prohibited from participating in Infoblox Education learning programs for a limited or indefinite period.

Last updated July 2023

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