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Infoblox Education Terms and Conditions

This Education Training Services Addendum sets forth additional terms and conditions that govern the sale and use of Infoblox Education Training Services.

1. Scope of Offering.

Infoblox Education offers industry and product training courses, certifications, and digital badges via Infoblox and ATP (Authorized Training Partner) delivered live training and Infoblox-provided on-demand training.

2. Purchasing & Consuming Training.

Organizations can purchase training via a learning subscription or training credits.

(a) Learning Subscription Consumption Rules.
Learning subscriptions are effective from the Order close date.
Customers and partners purchase learning subscriptions by named user seats.
The organization using the learning subscription provides the contact information of the named users to Infoblox. The named user’s email address must be from the organization and not be generic.
Named users must not share their access with anyone else. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in removal of a named user, student access, and/or termination of participation in the learning subscription.
The organization using the learning subscription may replace an original named user with a replacement named user only if the original named user leaves the subscribing organization.
Failure to renew a Learning Subscription at the end of its term will terminate all student access, even if a student is in the process of taking a course but has not completed it.

(b) Training Credit Consumption Rules.
Training credits are effective from the Order close date.
Training credits expire one (1) year after the Order close date.
Training credits unused after one (1) year are forfeited and cannot be used.

3. Training Content Change Policy.

Infoblox may, without notice, make changes to training content, content types, delivery systems and platforms, modalities, interfaces, tools, features, functionality, access length to individual assets, access methods, websites, and support.

4. Training Content Availability Policy.

Infoblox may, without notice, modify or temporarily suspend the use of all training content or portions thereof. Infoblox may also temporarily restrict Customer’s access to all or parts of training content for maintenance or system administration purposes without notice or liability.

5. Class Changes & Cancellation Policy.

Infoblox may cancel or reschedule classes and will attempt to provide ten (10) business days’ notice to Customer, who can select an alternate scheduled class to attend.
Customers may cancel their attendance at training.
If the cancellation is received at least ten (10) business days prior to the start of the class, the customer can select an alternate scheduled class to attend.
If the cancellation is received less than ten (10) business days prior to the start of the class, the customer may not select an alternate scheduled class, and their payment is forfeited.
Customers may substitute an Employee for whom Customer registered the scheduled Infoblox Training with another Employee, provided that:

  • (i) Customer notifies Infoblox of such substitution within five (5) business days of the relevant scheduled Infoblox Training.
  • (ii) Such substituted Employee meets the course prerequisites or is otherwise approved in writing by Infoblox.

For Private Classes, customers may not reschedule after the dates are confirmed. If customers cancel a Private Class after training dates are confirmed, their payment is forfeited.

6. System Connectivity Policy.

System performance for users may vary depending on internet connection speed and reliability.
Infoblox Training Systems may be unavailable due to system maintenance. Infoblox will attempt to notify users in advance of downtime.
Customer is responsible for confirming, prior to class, connectivity to Infoblox systems.
Customer is responsible for resolving issues impacting their access to Infoblox systems.
Customer is responsible for speed testing connectivity and confirming response time is acceptable.

7. Infoblox Exam Policy.

Customer may not take a given exam any more than six (6) times within a twelve (12) month period. This twelve (12) month period starts upon the first attempt.
Customer must wait 36 hours before retaking an exam after any failed attempt.
Customer cannot retake an exam that the customer has passed unless the certification has expired.
All exam purchases are final and may not be cancelled or refunded.
Exam vouchers cannot be exchanged, replaced, or used in combination with other offers.
Exam appointment must be completed on or before the exam voucher expiration date.
Exam voucher expiration dates may not be extended, and exam vouchers will not be replaced if not used on or before the expiration date expiration.
Discount exam vouchers may not be distributed and/or resold by non-authorized Infoblox Partners and/or Resellers.

Last updated July 2022

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