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International Systems Integrator Accelerates Digital Transformation with BloxOne® DDI


Headquartered in Europe, this large system integrator and managed services provider deals primarily with insurers and reinsurers in all lines of business, but its business has expanded to other areas.

With innovative solutions for digital transformation, it also supplies consulting services for banking, commercial food production, and other industries across the globe. Its team of experts engage in the planning and deployment of a range of services and solutions to help large and mid-size clients succeed with business and IT strategies.


Providing Reliable App Access from the Data Center
The company is modernizing its business operations by migrating to cloud-based applications. It uses Microsoft Office 365 and many other business applications developed internally. These apps are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or in its own data centers. Migrating from centralized services to applications in the cloud created numerous issues with the existing network in its branch locations.

Reliable access to these apps worldwide was proving to be difficult. For example, remote and branch office employees in APAC often experienced performance problems. Additionally, the company wanted to simplify network connectivity to its branch offices and remote locations. The objective was to model branch offices after Internet cafes: simple to manage with a satisfying end-user experience.


Customer: Global System Integrator

Industry: Information Technology and Consulting

Location: EMEA

Objectives: Replace MPLS-based architecture with cloud-based, Improve performance for branch offices, Migrate to cloud-based applications

Results: Location-aware access to cloud applications, Automated provisioning, configuration, and policy control, Opportunity to lead by example for clients

Products : BloxOne DDI

As a result, it wanted to move away from an MPLS-based architecture that connected its data center to its branch offices, and instead, use a cloud-based architecture where apps and services were directly accessible over the Internet.

The systems integrator had two data centers each in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC housing mission-critical applications, such as Office 365 and SharePoint. When remote users were experiencing performance issues, they moved these apps to the cloud so that they were more distributed. Since mission-critical apps were moved to the cloud, the company decided to move its own apps to the cloud as well. Distributed applications drove a need for a whole new network architecture, so the business decided to work with Infoblox over a two-year horizon on a digital transformation project.


A Cloud-Based Network Architecture to Support Distributed Applications
BloxOne DDI gives remote sites and branch offices location-aware access to cloud-based applications, improves deployment flexibility through virtualized form factor options, and ensures local survivability. In addition, cloud-based management automates large-scale provisioning, configuration, and policy control.


A Reliable, High-Performant, Next-Generation Architecture
Modernizing its global network was a big part of this company’s digital transformation initiative. As a leading technology consulting company, it chose to lead by example and put a next-generation architecture in place that would please its employees as well as its customers. End users connecting to remote and branch offices now enjoy a faster, more reliable online experience due to performance improvements and location-aware access to cloud-based applications and data.

With a new global network architecture in place, the company continues to more efficiently bring its expertise and knowledge to consulting engagements and to design, develop, and implement modern business solutions for its customers.

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