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Infoblox Solutions for
Multi-Access Edge Computing

Automate core network services to support growth in multi-access edge computing (MEC)

Eliminate MEC application implementation challenges

Enhance native VMware functionality by making it more robust and production ready

Support MEC growth and expansion

Streamline management and improve visibility as edge sites grow in large numbers

Secure mobile edge computing and specialized networks

Protect MEC services, consumers and applications from malware and advanced persistent threats

Power the Edge
with speed, security
and scale

While telco clouds require massive speed and agility, many providers may still rely on manual processes and multiple handoffs between the server/cloud network teams for DNS provisioning and IP address assignment when deploying new virtual instances. Infoblox supports service provider MEC platform agility with cloud orchestration technologies that simplify and streamline provisioning and de-provisioning. You can easily update critical records and release IP addresses when the VMs are taken down—all in a matter of seconds instead of hours or days.

Key benefits

Solve challenges with MEC application growth

Infoblox solutions help provide guaranteed performance at the edge, plus streamlined and automated DNS and IPAM for MEC applications

Prepare to scale and expand MEC resources

Centralized IP address management capabilities help modernize management and improve visibility as edge sites grow in number and size

Secure your MEC and specialized networks

As service providers shift compute resources from centralized to edge locations, Infoblox secures the DNS services running on edge instances, protecting consumers and applications from malware and advanced persistent threats

Centralize DNS and IPAM for OpenRAN integration

Infoblox can interface with different OpenRAN platform management systems, providing critical and centralized DNS and IPAM and helping ensure overall IP space integrity

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Infoblox DDI

Core Network Services

Core Network Services

Deliver simplicity, security, reliability and automation to traditional networks, as well as digital transformations

BloxOne Threat Defense

BloxOne® Threat Defense

BloxOne® Threat Defense

Quickly deploy on-premises, cloud or hybrid DNS-layer security everywhere

Cloud Network Automation

Cloud Network Automation

Automate core network services within the telco cloud by integrating DDI between SDN and public/private cloud network

Know Your Network

Know Your Network

Gain centralized visibility with data-driven insight so you can easily analyze, control and secure your network

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Infoblox Service Provider
Infrastructure Services

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Service Providers

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Achieve cost-efficient management and control for a faster and more secure subscriber experience

Break automation barriers and realize the potential of multi-access edge deployments

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