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Hack, No! Reducing your Ransomware Risk an Intelligent Approach

If there’s anything we’ve learned from recent ransomware attacks on US critical industries, it’s that cyberattacks can absolutely impact everyday life. From long lines at gas stations to rising beef and pork prices, when cyberattacks hit, everyone suffers.

In fact, these attacks have prompted the US government to take concrete steps to address this growing threat, such as signing an executive order to improve the nation’s cybersecurity and protect public and private sector entities.

Join this timely Hack No session to hear from our industry experts what this means for private companies, and how collaboration between the public and private sectors can improve the nation’s—and the world’s—resilience to cyberattacks.

Attend and you’ll learn:

  • Our latest insights on government policy and approach
  • Why sharing threat intelligence across public and private sectors is critical
  • Proactive strategies to reduce ransomware attack vectors
  • What your incident response playbook should look like
  • How Infoblox and FarSight help improve supply chain security
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