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Optimize and audit

Health checks and audits for optimizing your DNS, DHCP, and IPAM services

The Infoblox professional services team can help you:

  • Optimize: Optimize your current networking environment.
  • Audit: Audit your operations based on standards such as PCI as well as based on industry best practices.

Services offered

The Infoblox PS team provides a wide range of services. The most frequently requested services are listed below:


The DNS Health Check provides your IT staff with an assessment of your existing external DNS infrastructure via an audit report that characterizes the status of your external name servers, and compares your environment, compared with industry best practices. The audit covers key areas such as administration, monitoring, disaster recovery, and change control.

Employee productivity

Employers today want to maximize the productivity of their employees. Infoblox professional services can help our customers in a number of ways. Here are just a couple:

  • Web usage: Employers today are concerned about potential legal exposures and productivity issues arising from employees’ use of the Web. The professional services team can help focus Web usage of employees by redirecting from sites on exception list (e.g. to sanctioned sites (e.g. via customizing NXDomain services
  • Administration offload: Define and set up administration hierarchies to offload departmental work (e.g. printer moves) from central IT to departmental administrators

Business continuity

In today’s uncertain world, companies must ensure business continuity in the face of even regional disasters. Infoblox can help in a number of ways.

  • DNS redundancy: Ensure that even a complete site failure can be handled
  • DHCP failover: Assess, design, and/or implement a failover solution for DHCP
  • Business continuity: Assess, design, and/or implement a complete BC solution

Security and compliance

Due to high-profile security breaches, validating high levels of security via compliance standards is increasingly important. Infoblox can help in a number of ways.

  • Assessment: Overall security assessment focused on DNS, DHCP, and IP management
  • Implementation: Implement DNSSEC across global network(s)
  • Compliance: Obtain and enable customer to verify compliance on an ongoing basis


The DNS Architecture Audit offers comprehensive assessments of your current Domain Name System (DNS) architecture and infrastructure. This service helps you resolve any inefficiencies and security holes in your current domain name resolution system and ensures that your core network services infrastructure is capable of supporting current and future network services with high performance, security, and availability.

Custom optimizations and audits

Our professional services team can create an entirely custom solution for your needs. To explore ways in which we can help you, please submit a custom project request.

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