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Infoblox Brings IPv6-Ready Automated Network Control to State and Local Government
Infoblox WSCA Program

Infoblox has been approved for WSCA (Western States Contracting Alliance). If you would like to purchase off this contract, please find a partner contact on the spreadsheet below and contact that person to request a quote. If you have any questions, please email

Partners: If you would like to be able to sell via the Infoblox WSCA contract, please email the states you are requesting along with a contact name, address, email, phone, and Federal Tax ID number to Participating resellers will have to sign a short addendum committing to WSCA agreement compliance and regular reporting.

Security Certification

Infoblox is working with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to certify Trinzic DDI for Common Criteria EAL2 as dictated by NIAP. Infoblox is also participating in the Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) to ensure all FIPS-approved cryptographic algorithms used in Trinzic DDI meet the FIPS 140-1 security requirements.

For more information, visit NIAP’s site .

State and local governments rely on information technology to help deliver quality services to constituents. Failure or even brief disruption in a state or local governmental agency's network can affect law enforcement, public health, citizen privacy, or many components of modern life, and can even impact national security.

Network automation is one way that state and local governments accommodate shrinking budgets, staff cutbacks, and increased workloads and still perform at a high level and plan for the future. Network automation frees IT staff to implement cloud projects, incorporate virtualization, deploy IPv6, and accommodate compliance issues.

Without network automation and control, state and local governments face:

  • Unnecessary risk of downtime with limited and unreliable disaster-recovery options across offices, buildings, or campuses
  • Exposure to penalties and sanctions for compliance standards and best practices violations
  • Burdensome requirements for local expertise and knowledge to maintain disparate assets and tools
  • Increased risk of change as more planned and unplanned modifications occur
  • New risk and high vulnerability to both internal and external attacks and threats with multiple access points
  • Disparate, inconsistent network infrastructure services with no centralized visibility and management
  • Audit exposure with limited tracking and logs for compliance requirements and/or troubleshooting needs
Infoblox Solutions for State and Local Governments

Infoblox is helping state and local governments meet demands for agile, resilient and secure network services. We deliver business agility through network automation for installations of every size, from complex state networks to modest local operations—and every kind of network in between. Our products free state and local government IT departments to be more strategic and allow them to respond quickly to changing demands from their constituencies. Through our automation solutions, state and local governmental agencies streamline their operations, reduce their capital expenditures, and reallocate their skilled staff to concentrate on strategic programs.

Key benefits

  • Delivers high-availability and secure infrastructure with easy to deploy, high-availability appliances
  • Ensures continuous uptime with patented Infoblox Grid™ technology and centralized management
  • Reduces cost and increases visibility with built-in, IPv6-ready, automated IP address management
  • Eliminates unnecessary risk of human error or poor configurations across multi-vendor environments
  • Mitigates risk of malicious attacks or unplanned events with proactive monitoring and tracking
  • Scales to meet the most complex, distributed environments within the government sector
  • Provides network infrastructure for mobile datacenters for disaster relief or for military uses
  • Supports color-coded security classification level and information banners
  • Enables staff to focus on business-impacting initiatives instead of the typical reactive, manual approach
  • Shows the impact of changes to the health and stability of the network
Success Stories

Your peers in state and local agencies are leveraging Infoblox around the country.

Leaders at the state and local level are discovering how Infoblox solutions can help maximize staff time and reduce capital expenditures in these tight-budget times. Here is how one of our state customers appraises the impact Infoblox has had on its operations:

"DNSone has managed our growth very well and the amount of work it saves is just unbelievable. It was the easiest cutover we have ever done."

— Arizona Department of Transportation Brian Quinn, TOC Manager of Network Services

Infoblox has worked to improve conditions at the local level with similar control efficiencies and management results:

"With more than 9,000 employees on our network, we realized our DNS infrastructure needed redundancy and automatic failover. DNS is a critical piece of network infrastructure and merits a dedicated appliance approach. Hennepin County chose Infoblox because it simplifies administration, improves security, and offered an easy migration path for existing data. Additionally, one of the biggest reasons was that it has a web-based management console. We really like the ability to easily update and manage the devices."

— Hennepin County Operations, Hennepin County, Minnesota Marciene Ingram, Network Communications Security & Internet Team Lead