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Total Economic Impact: How Integrated DDI Can Save Cost, Improve NetOps and Give You the Edge

In an era where aligning technology with business goals is paramount, learn why modernizing critical network services can save IT teams time while delivering unparalleled uptime and availability.

Join this webinar featuring results from the 2023 commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ DDI Study to learn how 95% of surveyed respondents have reduced overhead and operating costs between 10%-74% using Infoblox DDI including:

  • Uptime: Gain insight on how IT teams dramatically improved their uptime from an average of 88% to 99.995% after three years
  • Productivity: Unlocked the potential for IT helpdesk efficiency gains, saving over $3.5 million through ticket reduction and issue resolution acceleration
  • Scalability: Discover how one IT team reduced the networking footprint from over 200 servers to just 30 while adopting a standardized platform and integrated centralized database
  • Visibility: Learn how customers gain up to 18% savings by moving legacy infrastructure to a consolidated environment, improving visibility and saving $7.1 million over a three-year period
  • Automation: See how network engineers realize a 70% increase in time savings by scaling DDI management tasks and how the majority of survey respondents who reported labor savings with DDI task automation saved an average of 6 hours per week through network automation
  • Innovation: Understand how using Infoblox DDI saves teams over 28% in admin labor costs, improving resource redeployment and time for innovation

To download the whitepaper associated with this webinar, please click here.

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