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Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Management Maturity Is Key to Delivering Better Technical and Business Outcomes

Cloud computing and its security solutions are pivotal for modern business operations, yet managing a hybrid, multi-cloud setup poses numerous hurdles. IT faces the challenge of harmonizing diverse cloud providers with varying architectures and costs while ensuring consistent performance and minimizing expenses and vendor dependency. Meanwhile, optimizing developer experiences is paramount, as developers drive competitive advantage. Meeting their diverse needs, from seamless development and deployment to robust monitoring and security tools, strains IT resources. Balancing these demands is critical for organizational success.

New research by the Enterprise Strategy Group surveyed 1,000 knowledgeable IT decision-makers, highlighting how organizations with the most mature approach to hybrid, multi-cloud operations are improving ITOps and SecOps outcomes in their cloud environments. Some of the most compelling advantages leaders see included:

  • Increasing profitability while also accelerating cloud deployments
  • Delighting developers and accelerating developer agility
  • Reducing cloud costs
  • Achieving greater application resilience in the cloud
  • Empowering agile SecOps.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the results organizations with a mature approach to managing hybrid multi-cloud operations are achieving and what they are doing to lead the way.

To download the report associated with this webinar, please click here.

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