The Green Lifecycle of Infoblox

Green manufacturing, packaging, power management, and disposal

The Infoblox Green Lifecycle

A green company does more than recycle its printer paper and separate out its plastic and glass bottles in the lunchroom. It’s a commitment to the environment, permeating the organization and manifesting in a product lifecycle that promotes sustainability throughout its processes. The Green Lifecycle of Infoblox is designed to proactively reduce the amount of electronic waste as well as lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions created from the manufacturing, transport, deployment and end-of-life recycling activities of its products.

Keep in mind that the Green Lifecycle at Infoblox did not happen overnight. Offering RoHS- and WEEE-compliant appliances since 2006, Infoblox has committed itself to creating automation solutions that change the way networks are managed and contribute to a greener environment.

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Starting Green

Infoblox has employed manufacturing processes that promote both environmental sustainability and lower production costs—costs that are passed on to our customers. For example, Infoblox has reduced the number of contents in its accessory kits, such as cables and connectors. From a recycling perspective, Infoblox constantly strives to minimize package and material consumption within its products by leveraging technology advancements, such as using of high-efficiency, multi-core CPUs, smaller form factor hard disk and solid state drives, intelligent power supplies and utilizing the Internet to deliver software.

Packaging with Recycled Materials

As the transport portion of the Infoblox Green Lifecycle, the packaging that delivers Infoblox products plays a significant role in maintaining optimum environmental sustainability. Recycled packaging includes the kraft liner (50-60% recycled content) and the corrugated medium (75-95% recycled content).

Highly Efficient Power Management and Consumption Features Help Contribute to Sustainability

As a customer, what do all these green initiatives mean to the cost of an Infoblox product? Simple. It’s the significant reduction in their lower power and cooling costs over competitive solutions. Customers can leverage Infoblox’s virtualization technology to deploy fewer power-consuming appliances in a data center. In fact, since its virtualized offerings are embedded into Cisco Integrated Services Routers and Riverbed appliances, no additional power-consuming hardware are even needed in that deployment scenario. Each Infoblox appliance further lower costs through an intelligent power management capability, such as turning off unused Ethernet ports. Furthermore, power supplies used in Infoblox products are in compliance with the environmental standards, including ETSI EN 300 019-1-3, Energy Star and 80 Plus efficiency.

Recycling Scrap Parts

Finally, Infoblox recognizes that reducing its carbon footprint extends beyond the walls of its facilities. When an Infoblox appliance has reached the end of its usefulness, we work with certified green scrap metal vendors who carefully remove the environmentally sensitive portions of the devices. They in turn recycle the enclosures and other parts for scrap metal.

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