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Infoblox Keeps the World Connected with New Turbo-Charged DNS Appliance

Infoblox-4010 DNS Appliance Addresses Increasing DNS Demands by Providing Unparalleled Speed and Scale for Service Providers

Infoblox Inc. today announced availability of the Infoblox-4010, the industry’s highest performance domain name system (DNS) resolution appliance. The DNS appliance delivers more than five times the performance of legacy solutions, enabling Internet service providers to combat the increasing DNS demands resulting from the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and various other IP-enabled devices.

DNS is an essential technology to keeping end users and their smartphones, laptops and businesses connected to the Internet,” said Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst with ZK Research and Affiliate Analyst with the Yankee Group. “To address the ever-expanding volume of DNS queries, while boosting reliability and reducing the administrative burden, service providers need a new level of DNS performance and scalability with central management capabilities.”

To help distribute the load and provide rapid DNS query responses, ISPs have traditionally relied on legacy solutions, which include general-purpose servers running open source software, installed close to the customer edge. This approach has performance and reliability limitations in addition to significant and costly IT administration time due to scores of servers requiring individual maintenance and upgrades. This can get even more untenable when service providers attempt to support functions closely tied to DNS, like IPv6, blacklisting and search-error monetization. Infoblox addresses these shortcomings and more.

Greg Zabek, Data Domain Manager at Bell Canada, Canada’s largest telecommunications company, commented: “We have commenced the transition to the Infoblox DNS product, putting their systems to the test in our new LTE network. We are seeing opex savings due to the manageability advantages and we are seeing performance improvements due to the capacity of the Infoblox systems. We are confident that expanding our Infoblox deployment to support our entire Mobility Network, including HSPA and CDMA, will help fortify it to meet the growing demands of our user base.”

Infoblox-4010: Turbo-Charged DNS with Excellent Handling

For enhanced DNS and DHCP service resilience and management functionality, a stand-alone Infoblox-4010 appliance can deliver more than 200,000 DNS queries per second. Service providers deploying the appliance, coupled with Infoblox Grid™ technology and Infoblox Trinzic Multi-Grid Management, can support up to 3 billion DNS queries per second and 5 billion DHCP queries per day when up to 50 grids of 250 Infoblox appliances are linked into a unified, centrally-managed platform. This Infoblox infrastructure also can support up to 500,000 discrete networks with partitioning based on customer, security and business-line preferences.

Infoblox Trinzic Multi-Grid Management also provides Infoblox-4010 appliance users with single “pane of glass” management. This includes a global view into all grids within a network as well as into specific segments and devices of individual grids so that administrators can implement changes, such as a software upgrade or a patch, with the touch of a button.

To achieve this kind of performance, scale, segmentation and manageability with legacy solutions would require five times the number of devices and an army of administrators to maintain. Yet, reliability would still be questionable.

With Infoblox’s proven Grid technology and high availability capabilities built into the Infoblox platform, service providers have added reliability. Additional features of the Infoblox-4010 ideally suited for service providers include:

  • IPv6 Ready: Fully equipped to perform in IPv4, IPv6 and dual stack environments with advanced features like DNS64.
  • DNS Monetization: Using NX domain redirect capabilities, service providers can monetize Internet search errors.
  • DC Power Option & NEBS 3 Compliant: Meets stringent, standardized power and environmental requirements for deployment in service provider central offices and data center locations.
  • High Availability Hardware: Highly secure platform features redundant, field replaceable power supplies, disks and fans.

Pricing and Availability

The new Infoblox-4010 appliance is now available. Pricing for the appliance starts at $99,995 in the U.S and $119,995 in EMEA and Asia Pacific.

About Infoblox

Infoblox provides essential network infrastructure services – from IP address management (IPAM) and domain name system (DNS) resolution to network compliance reporting. With built-in automation, resiliency and management tools, Infoblox’s market-leading solutions significantly reduce administrative overhead and errors while enhancing network availability. Infoblox’s family of Trinzic products also reduces the network infrastructure complexity resulting from IPv6, compliance, virtualization, cloud and mobility initiatives. The Company has more than 5,000 end customers worldwide, including more than 30 percent of the Fortune 500, and offices in more than 30 countries with headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif.

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