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Infoblox to Host Webinar with VMware Featuring New Plug-In for Automating IP Address Assignment for VMware Virtual Machines

Infoblox Plug-In for VMware vCloud® Orchestrator Now Available; Accelerates Virtual and Cloud Deployments

Infoblox Inc. announced today that it will host a webinar tomorrow, January 19, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. EST to discuss its new integrated plug-in for the VMware vCloud® Orchestrator community. In addition to highlighting the new Infoblox Plug-in, the webinar, titled: “Scaling Virtualization with Automated IP Address Management,” will feature experts from Infoblox and VMware.

They will share why manual IP address assignment and management processes can stall virtual and cloud deployments and how to overcome the challenges of building a dynamic virtualization infrastructure with VMware vCloud® Director, the Infoblox Plug-in for VMware vCenter Orchestrator, and Infoblox vDiscovery for automated VMware virtual machine discovery and management. To register for the webinar, visit:

Infoblox Systems Enable Virtual and Cloud Deployments

To date, most private cloud initiatives have been constrained by the necessary network infrastructure services required to support the virtual infrastructure. For example, virtual instances of servers can be dynamically provisioned, migrated and shut down by a virtual server administrator in minutes. However, the necessary network services to support the virtual cloud infrastructure are still performed primarily with manual tools and processes that can result in days of delays for simple tasks, such as assigning an IP address to a virtual machine.

To address these challenges, Infoblox delivers solutions optimized for highly dynamic virtualized and cloud environments with automated domain name system (DNS) resolution, IP address assignment (DHCP) network services and IP address management (IPAM), essential services in both physical and virtual environments today.

Now available, the new Infoblox Plug-in enables enterprise and service provider users of VMware vCloud™ Director to access this functionality through VMware vCloud® Orchestrator, which runs the associated workflow and automates the IP address and network resources needed by VMware vCloud™ Director. With this integrated solution, administrators can:

  • Provision systems in minutes instead of days with automated IP address provisioning for cloud infrastructure and services.
  • Improve reliability with automated HA/DR for critical underlying network services.
  • Simplify troubleshooting and reduce downtime with real-time visibility into physical and virtualized network infrastructure, including distributed VM-based Cloud stacks.
  • Manage movement between VM clusters easily with synchronization of critical DNS, DHCP and IP address services.
  • Eliminate errors introduced by manual processes.

About Infoblox

Infoblox is a global leader in automated IT network control solutions. The Company’s purpose-built physical and virtual appliance platforms combine real-time IP address management (IPAM) with network control, configuration and change capabilities. The solutions help Infoblox’s more than 5,000 end customers achieve more dynamic and reliable networks, efficient operations and increased value from their virtualization and cloud computing initiatives. Headquarters are in Santa Clara, Calif. with additional operations in 30 countries.

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