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Infoblox Delivers New Automated IP Address Management Tools and Visibility for Microsoft DNS and DHCP Environments

Infoblox Inc., today announced enhancements to its Infoblox Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft software, the Company’s automated IP address management (IPAM) solution for Microsoft domain name system (DNS) and dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) servers.

Infoblox Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft enables IT administrators to quickly and easily replace spreadsheets, manual processes and home-grown management tools layered on top of Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers to gain better control of the constantly changing IP address assignments within their networks. New enhancements, including support for split IP address ranges and custom DHCP options, provide IT administrators more IPAM control and visibility.

“Overall visibility and control of the DNS and DHCP infrastructure is a necessity in today’s increasingly complex and dynamic networks,” says Kevin Dickson, Infoblox Vice President of Product Management. “Continuing to use conventional IPAM tools is the equivalent of trying to remodel a house with your bare hands. Infoblox Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft gives IT pros the tools needed to quickly fortify and remodel the house without ripping out the existing Microsoft DNS and DHCP foundation – all the while using less manpower.”

New Infoblox Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft Features

Recent enhancements to the solution include deeper control of IP address ranges, also known as scopes, where administrators now have seamless management capabilities for single or split DHCP scopes. Splitting DHCP scopes across multiple Microsoft servers is often performed to provide DHCP redundancy for IP address assignment, but configuration of these scopes is non-trivial. Without Infoblox Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft, errors are common and visibility is unclear. Infoblox’s new support for Microsoft split scopes can dramatically improve deployment success and simplify administration by providing:

  • Configuration management tools, including a deployment wizard;
  • Warnings if improperly provisioned;
  • Full visibility through a single GUI into all variations of Microsoft split scopes; and,
  • Reservation support.

Infoblox IPAM for Microsoft now also includes support for custom DHCP options, which are used for provisioning IP devices such as Cisco VoIP phones and Microsoft Lync clients. Infoblox support for user and vendor custom options reduces the steps required to configure the DHCP scope by synchronizing management within the Infoblox user interface. This single “pane of glass” approach for IPAM reduces administrative cycles and increases visibility into the current state of all Microsoft DHCP scopes.

Pricing & Availability

The enhanced Infoblox Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft solution is now available through Infoblox authorized channel partners on multiple Infoblox appliance platforms. Pricing for the solution on the Infoblox-550 physical or virtual platform starts at $7,145 in the U.S. and $8,995 in Europe and Asia Pacific. Existing Infoblox Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft customers with a valid maintenance contract have access to the latest software release via the Infoblox Support site.

For more information about Infoblox IPAM for Microsoft, visit:

About Infoblox

Infoblox is a global leader in automated IT network control solutions. The Company’s purpose-built physical and virtual appliance platforms combine real-time IP address management (IPAM) with network control, configuration and change capabilities. The solutions help Infoblox’s more than 5,000 customers achieve more dynamic and reliable networks, efficient operations and increased value from their virtualization and cloud computing initiatives. Headquarters are in Santa Clara, Calif. with additional operations in 30 countries.

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