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BloxOne® Sandbox Supplemental Terms and Conditions

Rev. Sep. 2023

These BloxOne® SANDBOX Supplemental Terms and Conditions (“SANDBOX Terms”) supplement and are incorporated into the Cloud Services Addendum published at In the event of a conflict between the Cloud Services Addendum and these SANDBOX Terms, these SANDBOX Terms shall control only with respect to the SANBOX Service. These SANDBOX Terms may be modified, supplemented or updated by Infoblox from time to time. Any term not defined in these SANDBOX Terms shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Cloud Services Addendum, the applicable BloxOne® Addendum, or the main agreement that governs Customer’s purchase and use of the Infoblox Products and Services (the “Master Purchasing Agreement”). For purposes of these SANDBOX Terms, the Cloud Services Addendum, the BloxOne® Addendum, and the Master Purchasing Agreement are collectively referred to as the “Agreement.”


Subject to the terms of the Agreement and these SANDBOX Terms, Infoblox grants to Customer, during the Term, the right and license to access and use the SANDBOX Service: (i) in a non-production, sandbox environment that is not for performance and scale testing purposes; and (ii) within the Allowable Usage levels. Customer’s use of the SANDBOX Service is conditioned upon Customer having an authorized license for the applicable BloxOne® Product and/or Service. All other rights in the SANDBOX Service are expressly reserved by Infoblox.


Infoblox will provide support for the SANDBOX Service to Customer during the Term in accordance with the support services set forth as Exhibit A, Support Terms in the BloxOne® Addendum and the support guidelines set forth in the Documentation. Infoblox will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the SANDBOX Service available to Customer during Customer’s normal business hours. Infoblox does not guarantee or warrant that the SANDBOX Service or support for the SANDBOX Service will be available for any particular time or during any particular period. For abundance of clarity, the SANDBOX Service is not included in any service availability and service credit metrics that are set forth in the BloxOne® Addendum or elsewhere in the Agreement.


The SANDBOX Service is priced on a per SANDBOX Instance, as set forth in the applicable Order. The Customer will pay in advance for the SANDBOX Service during the Term. All purchases of the SANDBOX Service are final. If Customer terminates the SANDBOX Service for convenience during the Term, there will be no refund, in full or in part, of the prepaid fees for the SANDBOX Service.


During the Term, Infoblox may audit Customer’s use of the SANDBOX Service to determine if the usage remains within the Allowable Usage level. If Infoblox determines that Customer has exceeded its Allowable Usage level, the parties will work together to address any such increase in usage. Customer’s use of the SANDBOX Service in excess of the Allowable Usage level may result in additional license fees.


At the end of each Term, Infoblox will send Customer a notice of renewal at the fees stated in the renewal offer. If Customer does not timely renew, the Term will expire and Customer will lose access to the SANDBOX Service. Should Customer choose to renew, Customer may be invoiced by Infoblox or by the Authorized Reseller from whom Customer ordered the prior Term. These SANDBOX Terms will remain effective during the Term. Notwithstanding the foregoing, these SANDBOX Terms and the SANDBOX Service may be terminated by either party in accordance with the Agreement. For a period of thirty (30) calendar days following such termination, Customer may retrieve Customer Information stored by Infoblox in connection with the SANDBOX Service; after such time Infoblox may disable access to and delete the Customer Information. The provisions of these SANDBOX Terms which by their nature should survive termination, shall survive the expiration or termination of these SANDBOX Terms.


(a) “Allowable Usage” means, unless otherwise specified in the applicable Order, no more than 5.5 million DNS Queries per month.
(b) “BloxOne® Addendum” means the set of BloxOne® Product or Service-specific terms that attach to the Master Purchasing Agreement and apply to any Order for the respective BloxOne® Products or Services, as defined in the BloxOne® Addendum and/or such Order, and published at
(c) “DNS Query” means an inbound DNS query received by Infoblox provided services and does not include outbound iterative queries or responses. The counted inbound DNS Query can be recursive or iterative.
(d) “SANDBOX Instance” means a single Sandbox account as selected and viewed within the Cloud Services Platform (CSP).
(e) “SANDBOX Service” means a temporary, non-production account that operates and contains the same features and capabilities as the parent account.

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