Infoblox Solutions for Cloud

Improve IT agility, reduce operating costs, enable faster time to service

Private clouds are rapidly gaining traction because they enable agile and scalable delivery of IT services. Private clouds need automated and scalable core network services to rapidly add and remove applications and services, easily shift workloads across sites, run workloads in multi-tenant architectures and make the underlying networks resilient to failures.

Infoblox solutions for cloud provide automated core network services for virtual machines in the datacenter to improve IT agility, enable faster time to service, and reduce operating costs.

Automate Network Services for Cloud

Infoblox cloud solutions provide automated provisioning and de-provisioning of IP addresses and DNS records for VMs through pre-defined or customized workflows. It brings down the estimated time to provision VMs from hours/days to minutes or seconds, improving agility in the datacenter and accelerating time to service. Infoblox supports VMware, Microsoft, BMC, CA, HP, Cisco, and Elasticbox cloud platforms.

Centralized Management and Visibility

Infoblox cloud solutions deliver unified IPAM management of physical, virtual and cloud environments. Infoblox provides centralized management across multiple datacenters, multiple cloud management platforms and across different networks. This helps identify problems easily and reduces time to repair. The solutions also provide greater visibility and easy organization of VMs and networks.

High Availability and Survivability

Infoblox Grid technology provides high availability with built-in features like automated failover. This enables service redundancy and resiliency, improves uptime and ensures business continuity.