IPAM for Microsoft

Get the most out of your Microsoft investment

Empower your network administrators to centrally manage Microsoft DNS and DHCP services using capabilities not available in Microsoft’s management suite—with scalability to handle the largest global implementations.

Network and security administrators are constantly challenged to optimize translation of network device information to the people that are using them. Infoblox Identity Mapping bridges this gap by introducing user identity as a front and center piece of information throughout the Infoblox user interface, making it possible to see associated users virtually anywhere an IP address is displayed.

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Agentless Integration
Agentless Integration

IPAM for Microsoft requires no changes or additional software for Microsoft servers or Windows hosts. It integrates seamlessly, using the same program calls used by Microsoft.

Management and Security Functionality Not Found in Microsoft
Management and Security Functionality Not Found in Microsoft

The solution includes extensive reporting, auditing, and security capabilities and automatically logs all IP-related operations. Granular control lets you assign specific operations to specific administrators, providing security not available on Microsoft servers.

Bi-directional, Centralized Management
Bi-directional, Centralized Management

Web-based management lets system administrators manage Microsoft and Infoblox DNS/DHCP services and IP addresses from a single location. DNS changes made using Microsoft utilities are reflected back in Infoblox. Full support for Microsoft Split-Scope lets administrators synchronize existing split scopes for continued management within a single network view.

Customer Story

Infoblox IT Operations

Case Study

“We were able to light up the new building for DNS, DHCP, and IP addresses simply by installing appliances and making them members on our Grid. All the information that resided in the old building was instantly available in the new building.”

— Director of IT operations, Infoblox

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