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Enabling the Hybrid Workplace with a Modern Foundation

Many companies are adopting a hybrid workplace model in order to adapt to changing customer/employee needs, stay competitive, streamline costs and boost revenue. In order to support this model, they are accelerating adoption of cloud and SaaS, while modernizing their underlying infrastructure. But these transitions are not without challenges. As companies transform, infrastructure becomes more fragmented. IT teams struggle with loss of control over core network services such as DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management as remote users and cloud workloads rely on disparate DHCP, DNS systems. Limited visibility, difficulty in effectively managing devices in remote offices and lack of security “everywhere” cause further concerns.

Watch this webinar to learn how a modern secure network can help you transition to a hybrid workplace more easily by allowing you to

– easily adopt any cloud platform and or application without compromising control
– embed security everywhere to protect work from anywhere
– improve productivity of your DevOps/SecOps

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