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ThreatTalk episode 6

Is it possible to secure billions of devices out in the world?

In this age of digital transformation, the security of Internet-connected devices has become an urgent issue. Malware and botnet attacks that spread through poorly secured device traffic are growing more frequent and sophisticated.

Problem is, there are now billions of connected devices across the world. And billions more are coming online each year. Is it possible to actually map and secure them all? If so, how? And whose responsibility is it?

Join us for this timely episode of the ThreatTalk podcast as Gary Cox, Infoblox’s Technology Director for Western Europe, and Mike Godfrey, CEO of Insinia Security, explore answers.

Gary Cox, EMEA Product Sales Specialist at Infoblox

Gary is EMEA Product Sales Specialist at Infoblox and he joined Infoblox in 2010 and leads a team of system engineers. He often speaks at industry events and on webinars and has over 20 years of IT experience working across multiple verticals including finance, public sector, media and service providers. Gary is an active member of ISC(2) and holds a CISSP.

Mike Godfrey, Ethical Hacker and Consultant at Insinia Security

As one of the UK’s most capable multi-skilled cyber security specialists, Mike has a background in electro-technical/mechanical engineering and almost 20 years’ experience in building and breaking computers; he offers a unique perspective when it comes to varied and multi-vector attacks.

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